Jon Gosselin: Pot and Infidelity?

Jon Gosselin: Pot and Infidelity?-photo

New details are emerging about Jon Gosselin's alleged fling with schoolteacher Deanna Hummel, and boy are they doozies.

Us Magazine reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad was doing some hard partying with Hummel and a youthful gang of revelers in Park City, Utah, on May 25 and, despite the fact that it was his wife Kate Gosselin's 34th birthday, he neglected to buy a present for his spouse.

As reported earlier, Gosselin and Hummel were spotted getting cozy at Park City's Spring Gruv festival at the Canyons Ski Resort, where Gosselin  was promoting his charitable work with handicapped children.

However, when the cameras stopped rolling, a very different Jon Gosselin emerged.

A source reports that, though he was aware that it was his wife's birthday, he neglected to buy a present for her.

"Hey, it's Kate's birthday," a local pal recalls Gosselin telling him. "I should get her something." But despite the fact that Jon dropped by a jewelry store, he didn't bother picking anything up for his spouse, opting to soak up suds with Hummel instead.

And according to witnesses, brewskis weren't the only intoxicants that Gosselin and his party crew were indulging in. As the night wore on and Gosselin and Hummel engaged in a "snuggle-o-matic" session, a source says that Gosselin and his party  began "reeking of pot...I know that the kids [Gosselin is] hanging out with like a little herbal substance."

No wonder the guy seems to have problems with self-motivation.

Have your say in the comments section: Is Jon and Kate Gosselin's marriage pretty much doomed at this point?



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  • lise

    kate may be pushy, but it's exactly that personality that made the show a success. if she had been an "easy going" woman, imagine where they would be now. They would both be working full time, fighting over money, the kids wouldn't see them much, and jon would have left anyway. the one thing i like about kate is that she doesn't try to be phony. she is who she is. i know people who get overwhelmed by one kid, she managed eight, and did it really well. i used to like jon, but not anymore. he wants to go out and reclaim his youth. he's got eight kids, sorry, but once you've made that committment, it's for better or for worse. how lucky that a network took interest in him and his kids, and helped make him into a very rich man. yeah, being in the spotlight is tough, but if he was being a good husband, they wouldn't have had a reason to stalk him. i hate to say it, but without kate's OCD and pushy ways, they would be in a world of hurt, and jon would just be a guy with a bunch of kids. he knew kate's personality. he was fine with all of it until he got caught with his girlfriend. i feel really bad for the family.

  • jANEL

    It really is time for Jon to grow up already! He know that people are following him with cameras taking pictures of him. Hes like he wants Kate to know what hes doing to get her back or something ? I mean if he doesn't wanna be with her then he should just leave her alreadyy goodness ! GROWW UPP !.

  • Tracy

    For God' s sake!! Will you people please get off of Kate's ass? She may be a control freak, but the woman has eight young children and nobody can say she is not a wonderful mother. Jon is a big, stupid kid, that's why she's always on his ass. He acts more like one of the kids, than her partner and father. He is so unbelievably blessed, and all he does is whine like a big baby! He should just go off with skanky Deanna and let Kate find a real man, but he is not a real man!

  • Lou

    Enough already - Jon, GROW UP! you have young impressionable children and they have to live this for the rest of their lives! Kate - Did you forget that you gave birth to these beautiful trophy children. Turn off the cameras and become the family you intended to be - you had your 15 minutes of fame now give it up!

  • garedbug

    They desperately need to stop and take a look at their lives and not themselves. It is out of control. It can be fixed. It can. She needs to take come classes in basic communication skills. Come on now. She treats him like a cild. ANd yes I saw her bossing Emeril around, too. She is such a control freak. No wonder he smokes pot.

  • dream1066

    if Jon locked Emeril in the pantry with Kate for about 10 minutes, he wouldn't have to pay to have her poisoned. those poor kids -- they're going to be in school with other kids saying things like "OMG. your mother is *such* a beyotch!" p.s. Kate. let that hairstyle go. it looks like your brain is exploding.

  • stallown3d

    Did anyone else watch Monday's episode? Did you see how Kate was bossing around Emeril and smacking him with cooking utensils? Jon should've slipped Emeril a $100 bill to poison Kate.

  • noah

    Did anyone else watch Monday's episode? Did you see how Kate was bossing around Emeril and smacking him with cooking utensils? She is such a control freak and has some serious anger management issues that she needs to work out.

    If I was Emeril I would've thrown a little BAM in her face.