Jon Gosselin Respects the Sanctity of Marriage

Jon Gosselin Respects the Sanctity of Marriage-photo

Sure, Jon Gosselin may have been spotted in the company of super-cool party girl Hailey Glassman and Star reporter Kate Major recently, but rest assured: The man's no cheater.

People magazine quotes a source who insists that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad didn't start dating Glassman until after his wife Kate filed for divorce on June 20.

Hmm; does Jon always buy engagement rings for women he's been dating for less than a month? Might explain his choice of spouses!

The source also claims that Jon and Kate have been split up since late last year, and that Kate's decision to end their marriage left Gosselin "totally heartbroken."

"She said she wanted her life," the source recalls. "She said she was done. It came out of the blue."

Poor Jon; however will he get over the heartache?

Let us know in the comments section: Who comes out looking worse in the Gosselin divorce, Jon or Kate?



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  • 4 Team Kate
    4 Team Kate

    SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH!!!! How can anyone think this dork is a good father? I hope Kate’s legal defense reads public opinions. Take him for all he claims is his, Kate! Let ole home boy go crawling to his semi-faux GF’s. Obviously, he’s not that great in the sack, lol. Please boycott their TLC show so it will go off air and Kate can find “normal” for her children #1 and herself #2. All the good they could have done together down the shizzer and this jerk taking advantage of every opportunity. What a child Jon is! I’m sure he does his parents proud - poor things!

  • boozoo

    I think that she is winning this game of chest- too bad the kids are the ponds Spell much? Chest? Ponds? LMAO!!

  • Quezz

    I assume you are either very young and inexperienced or very immoral. To think that a man who was clearly cheating on his wife and running to the Hamptons and the French Riviera with a party girl while leaving his children at home is utterly silly. The man is a dirtbag, and I suspect not much more than a child himself. What a waste of genetic material!

  • Quezz

    Run Jon, run!!! Nobody, but you, knows what you've put up with. You've been and continue to be a terrific dad!!!

  • mango

    Maybe Kate was mean to Jon because she knew what he was up to and we didn't. He chose to have 8 kids! 6 the same age!. Your children need a father at home every night. Every year they get older, it will be easies to take care of them. The hard times are over. When the kids are in school, renew your marriage! You have enough money to pay for help. One epidsode would pay for a cook, another for a cleaning person, another for a helper, etc. I would treat my husand worse if he wasn't sleeping in my bed.

  • bongo

    the next time I want to hear about him is when he slams that ugly OCC bike into the side of a bus.

  • Sophia

    He is acting just like a child who is raised by controlling parents who never let them do anything. As soon as they are old enough to leave the nest they go haywire w/no boundaries and usually end up druggies, etc. He was under her thumb for the whole marriage it seems and now he is free he is running... though not making very good choices in public opinion. From what the People article printed it would hold the story as "true" what Kates brother Kevin & wife Jodi said to RadarOnline true. That their marriage was over at the end of last yr. w/a contract to stay in marriage to keep the show. Don't forget... John was the one who wanted to end the show at the end of last season because it was taking a toll on his marriage. Kate was the one who wanted to continue ($$$). He finally had enough and called her bluff! She even had the nerve on the premier to act like she didn't want the marriage to end (boo hoo) and John wouldn't even talk to her (boo hoo). That's because he woke up and about time. Also, kids are not stupid... they know exactly what was happening and the older they get and watch re-runs... ayyyy!!! Lots of counceling... for everyone

  • Rosie

    Choices, the choices we make in life, shape and affect other lives. From the news hype of Jon and his various outings with his multiple friends, he is doing just what he wanted to do. Kate may have filed, but I feel that he actually got what he wanted. Faces behind her back, jokes at her expense..some have called him passive -aggressive , I think he's been manipulative. I wonder how used his school teacher girl friend feels now. He dropped her quickly . I will NOT be interested in his participation on the show. He could have made the choice to talk to his wife in private. His playing around more than likely went back a long way. It does take two and they both made mistakes, but his behavior this past year or so has left a lot to be desired. He was not abused. I am fed up with his behavior.

  • Peggy Lee
    Peggy Lee

    I hope Jon saves those kids from their mother. In the mean time, I'm disgusted by the double standard. Had any man gave his wife "love taps" (slaps) and berated her with even just a tenth of the ferocity Kate has shown to Jon, we'd be offering her help, money, and shelter to get away! I've a female survivor of domestic abuse. I know we'd be shaking our heads at Jon for staying if he were a woman. I'm proud of Jon for standing up for himself.

  • reneelucky7

    The only place he needs to be "running" to is a lawyer to figure out his next step. Not only is his kids on the line- but so is their is millions of dollars as well.

  • Rosie

    Run Jon, run!!! Nobody, but you, knows what you've put up with. You've been and continue to be a terrific dad!!!

  • reneelucky7

    I think that she is winning this game of chest- too bad the kids are the ponds

  • indygd

    I don't think either Kate or Jon are great prizes, however, my sympathies have shifted to Kate. Jon appears to be childish, immature and passive-aggressive. It is nearly impossible for a woman to respect that type of man. If Kate appears to be impatiently ordering Jon around, I suspect she asked him nicely to do something for the family at least five times and he is acting like a baby.

  • smashxitxsami

    im tired of hearing about jon. he can burn in hell for all i care now.

  • reneelucky7

    give me a f*cking break John. If you repected the sanctity of marriage, you wouldn't have left your wife and children for a 22 year old crack whore.

  • Mom2two

    at this point who knows (or cares really!) who was wrong. I think they both were! She treated him like crap and he took it...until he couldn't take it anymore. As far a the cheating....he may not have been cheating w/the current bimbo while they were marrried....but he had another...thats how it hit the fan in the first place...when he got caught! They should both grow the hell up and concentrate on raising the 8 children they produced, instead of worrying about loosing their youth before they have a chance to date, have boob jobs etc. Shame on both of them!

  • BH

    She wanted her she has is...just as she has probably planned it from the beginning. Only now she has to pay people to be her slaves (other than her kids, of course) because her main slave, Jon, is flying fairly free. No one should have to put up with being treated the way he was by that woman. We would've all been outraged if it had been the other way around. I feel so sorry for the children, making every dollar for their parents to squander and having to endure the rage of Khate.

  • jstees

    He is liar. It is evident to the world he was cheating, she caught him, he used the "im still young" crap, and now we all know why Kate treated him like a child. Waaaa Waaaaa