Jon Gosselin Totally Cares About His Image

Jon Gosselin Totally Cares About His Image-photo

Jon Gosselin canceled a club appearance this past Saturday night, as he's reportedly "concerned" about his image.

The reality dad was scheduled to host an event at the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut, but visited the resort a few nights earlier to party at the Scorpion bar and Shrine nightclub.

After the club closed, Jon kept the drinking going in his hotel room, bringing along a few lucky ladies for the after party. And not supposed girlfriend Hailey Glassman, mind you.

A waitress from the club told E! News, "He was kissing and being intimate on the bed with one of the young women. He limited the number of photos taken in the room and asked that those taken not end up on Facebook."

Despite his warnings to his new gal pals, news of his visit did leak to the media and he is not pleased.

"Gosselin was not happy that the media was alerted of his visit," a hotel rep explained. "In a cancellation email to Shrine management, Gosselin's agent stated 'Jon is furious that it was leaked' and 'that was really what did it in for him.' He alluded to the fact that he did not want his image to be tarnished with paid nightclub appearances."  

However, you can still catch Jon hosting a pool party in Vegas this weekend. Makes total sense, right?



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  • aimes76

    God what a fugly LOSER he is! He needs to grow the Fu@k up and get his priorities straight.

  • reneelucky7

    If he cares about his image then he doesn't need to be scraching his pubic lice on camera

  • guest99

    Where did you get this photo of him grabbing his wiener? This guy is so CRUDE. -- There's photos of him on a bed kissing another woman? I bet someone is shopping those around to the tabloids. Gross

  • lizbizz11

    eww. I just got a seriously bad image in my head.

  • obsessed

    eww. gross