Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Surprised by News of His Other Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Surprised by News of His Other Girlfriend-photo

If you were shocked by the news that Jon Gosselin has sparked up a romantic relationship with Star reporter Kate Major, you're not the only one.

Hailey Glassman, with whom the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad vacationed in St. Tropez earlier this month, says that Gosselin's new relationship took her by surprise too.

"That's news to me," Glassman told People magazine, when informed of the Gosselin/Major hook-up.

No doubt; especially since Gosselin reportedly bought Glassman an engagement ring less than two weeks ago.

Gosselin and Major have been spending the week vacationing in the Hamptons home of celebrity dad Michael Lohan. Yesterday, Major revealed that the two had become more than just friends, noting, "I didn't mean it to happen, it just did. I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him."

But even with this new development, Glassman is confident that she has a romantic  future with the father of eight.

"I still love Jon and Jon still loves me," Glassman told the magazine, breaking into tears.

Hmm. Well, good luck with that, toots. But even if things don't work out with Gosselin, we're sure you'll manage to find some way to numb the pain.

Readers, let us know in our poll: Who would Jon Gosselin be better off with, Kate Major or Hailey Glassman?



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  • reneelucky7

    This is what you get when you give your heart to a complete stranger. When you pursue a relationship with a person, you MUST be realistic. You cannot live in Candy Land and just "dream" up a fake life. I think that she was a fool to think that he was going to be with her seriously when he just got divorced and all those photos, arrest records and reports came out about her behavior.

  • reneelucky7

    John should not be getting serious with anyone right now. He needs to be worring about his pending divorce. Puss*y will always be around- but an oportunity to convence a judge that you are a good parents is once in a life time.

  • Lily

    Jon sure is showing his true colors! He is an idiot! Every day it becomes more obvious that JON is the one behind the media spotlight and rumors about Kate. JON is the one who wanted the breakup. He is having a midlife crisis.

  • jmarcs

    At least Jon has proved that he's taking his role as a father seriously by going to Michael Lohan for parenting advice.