The Jonas Brothers Have a Way With the Ladies

The Jonas Brothers Have a Way With the Ladies-photo

There are many perks that come with being international teen heartthrobs: power, cash flow, the VIP status, and of course, the females. 

When you're a member of the family singing sensation the Jonas Brothers, it's probably not too hard to find a lady friend. Girls are constantly throwing themselves at their feet. But Nick, Joe and Kevin are self-proclaimed one-woman guys. 

Perhaps that's why the three brothers are never single for too long. But that's not to say that they haven't tested the waters with a multitude of girls. With all the break-up and hook-up rumors/truths, it's hard to keep track of who each brother is dating. 

Joe, who was dating fellow teen star Taylor Swift, allegedly began dating his "Lovebug" video co-star Camilla Belle soon after he and Taylor broke up.

Kevin, the eldest of the pack, has chosen to keep his distance from the high-profile dating game by dating Danielle Deleasa, an old friend of his from before his launch to stardom.

And then there's little Nick, the youngest Jonas, and probably the biggest playboy of the three. He's had two Hollywood tween queens very publicly fighting for his affection, but unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, her efforts just didn't compare to those of her competitor, Selena Gomez

Stay tuned for more of the Jo Bro dating game; things are sure to heat up as their celebrity status continues to grow.



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  • Grace

    First of all bruenette barbie I know ur saying ur not a hater and all and ur on joe's side for good reosons but for the love of god shut your friggin pie hole no one wants to hear it yes every one has their own opionion but minees is that Joe is wrong yes she was in Europe but he could have waited until she was like back in the U.S unless he hates her and wants to end it then and their and theyve performed together they were at the GRammy and all of these other award shows he could of endedit before the show or a day before when she was in town getting ready for the show or something but havent u ever herd that only a coward breaks up with his girlfriend over the phone and I wouldve hanged up also I wouldnt have wanted to hear what he had to say of "It's not u it's me"sentence it's pathetic

  • eva

    all what brunettebarbiee said itz true miley is so immature but how about taylor is better than miley ,she think just because she has barbiee hair boys are going 2 chase her around well nick is not like that nick and selena should stay together 4 ever!!!!!love youhh selena n nick !!!!!!!

  • sarah54901

    joe didnt cheat on taylor he just didnt have intrest in her and asked camilla belle to date hime but she is way old for him but who cares love is how much you love them not how old you are

  • nickjonasfanno1

    nick and selena wud look sooo gud 2gether...they r perfect 4 each other

  • ilovenickjonas4ever

    Ugh Nick should not date Selena and Joe should not date Camilla!!! I think Kevin has the right idea go for a girl that is not famous!!!!!!!

  • jonerponerrx3

    I love the jonas brothers, and whoever doesnt; doesnt know what they're missing. The Jonas Brothers are the sweetest, purest, guys ever. And, I'm proud to say that I am a Jonas Fan x33 :D

  • jonerponerrx3

    ok listen good. joe is not frigging dating camilla belle. and, here are the reasons why: First of all: Joe knows that Nick likes Camilla very much, and he would never do that; it would just break his brothers' heart. And, secondly; Camilla Belle is 22, and Joe is only 19. Uhmm, do I have to spell it for you? S-H-E- I-S T-O O-L-D F-O-R H-I-M. So, stop freaking starting rumors. And, whoever is on taylor's side on this situation or joe and taylor.. why? Taylor is being an imature brat; Taylor USED to be my role model. But, not anymore. I dont want to look up to someone, that doesnt even wanna be friends with her ex. Even, though he really didnt want to break her heart. I mean, I know it was on the phone. But, was it his fault? FIRST OF ALL TAYLOR WAS IN FREAKING EUROPE AT THE TIME; AND SECOND OF ALL JOE HAS A CRAZY SCHEDULE, AND HE CANT FLY TO WHERE EVER SHE IS, JUST BECAUSE SHE WANTS HIM TOO. THE THING ABOUT THE JOE JONAS BARBIE, AND "IT COMES WITH ITS OWN CELL PHONE" well that wasnt funny. and, that was stupid. i know most of you are like, "Well how would you feel if the love of your life broke up with you on the phone?" WELL, WTF? If he was really the love of her life, then she would at least be friends with him. And, about the 27 second phone call; its not Joe's fault. He freaking said it himself, that, "Its hard to maintain a lengthy phone call when the other person doesnt want to talk." So, its freaking Taylor's fault. And, shes the one who hang up. So, idk why she's telling Ellen and the world that it was his fault. Cuz, it wasnt. I dislike Taylor and Miley. Selena, Demi, Danielle, Camilla, Jordan Pruitt, Brenda Song, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman&Emma Watson; and any other girls except for taylor and miley that the jonas brothers are rumored to be dating or like. See, im not a hater. its just that Miley and Taylor are just so immature, and rude. And, whatever. And, what Miley said about her 20 year old boyfriend; that he's a Cristian and she really likes that. Well, WTF? Nick Jonas is a freaking Christian, and he helps kids with diabetes. He is the sweetest guy ever. It kinda makes you wonder why Miley would trade Nick for a drunken underwear model.

  • brunettebarbiee

    good for all of themm.(: i love joe jonas the most though!! (: