Jonas Brothers Walk the Walk

Jonas Brothers Walk the Walk-photo

Oh, to be young, rich, handsome and on top of the world. Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas, otherwise known as the Jonas Brothers, are fresh from their European tour and cock-walking into their hotel, ready to bite the big Apple with the premiere of their first Disney flick, Camp Rock, at the legendary Ziegfield Theater.

It's the first time in recent memory the boys have sported clothes that look like they snatched them from the '80s..but their legions of screaming teens don't seem to mind.

Set at a summer music sleepaway program, Camp Rock smacks eerily of High School Musical. Never let it be said those Disney folks don't know their audience. The flick debuts on the Disney Channel on June 20, bookended by the CD and DVD. Then the boys hit the road again, and a tour flick is planned. The first single from their new CD, A Little Bit Longer, drops on August 12. Talk about a summer of love.

For now, they are drinking it in. Guess guys can get a lot done when their thoughts aren't clouded with visions of getting laid.



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  • billkaulitz303

    esque joe jonas est gay ???

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Little known fact: They are not actually brothers. They were assembled by Lou Perlman and underwent plastic surgery to make them look like brothers.

  • mraniston

    ive never heard their music but by what i've heard, they're pretty popular. are they like nsync? do they play instruments? help me out people!

  • notobsessed

    how do u tell them apart?

  • rforrumor

    nick is so cute!!! his gaze seem so soulful.

  • gorillasayz

    Their clothes are the ONLY things that might are even considerably comparable to the Beatles. These boys have a lot of man-ing up to do

  • drama4mama

    Are they gay?