Julia Stiles Shows Off Bikini Body in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Julia Stiles took a break from her frigid hometown of New York City (where it was 6 degrees on Monday morning) in lieu of the warm, sun-drenched beaches of Maui over the weekend. Smart gal!

Stiles spent her holiday enjoying the beach in a mismatched two-piece bikini. It's only right for her to get some time off following her recent role on the hit Showtime drama Dexter.

Check out Julia's Hawaiian adventure pics here. Then, keep the bikini fun going with our Celeb Bikini: Guess Who extravaganza.

Photo Credit: Splash News Online



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  • David

    I wish she'd come out of my closet!!!

  • L.G

    she is looking fantastik!!!! a really beautyfull woman with nothing fake!!! really rare those days!!

  • blewvelvet

    I wish she would just come out of the closet!

  • todd livingston
    todd livingston

    she looks AMAZING!!! anyone who says otherwise doesn't know NATURAL BEAUTY.

  • Yvette

    This is an example of what a 'natural' body looks like. Julia is in great shape and she has a fabulous pair of legs, but if she lived in Hollywood instead of New York City--or cow towed to Hollywood standards--she would have felt pressured by now to get liposuction for her upper inner thighs and the area just beneath her buttocks. I think she looks beautiful.

  • bzero3

    "Too bad she's got a face like a Campbell's soup kid." I like her but, that was really funny.

  • John Whitsel
    John Whitsel

    Too bad she's got a face like a Campbell's soup kid.

  • guest

    DAM she got ugly

  • maya

    "Showing off" her bikini body would imply that she was prancing about and flaunting what she's got - not minding her own business and wading in the water.