Justice Is Served! Britney Is Free!

Justice Is Served! Britney Is Free!-photo

Los Angeles residents might want to start looking both ways two or three times before they cross the street.

The city's District Attorney's office has decided not to charge Britney Spears for running over a photographer's foot last November.

After reviewing a tape of the incident, Deputy District Attorney Joseph Shidler concluded that "the only way the victim's foot could have been where the video indicates it to be was by the victim placing it in that location."

But don't take Shidler's word for it. Check out the video of the incident below, and cast your verdict in the poll at right:

Brit-Brit's camp had no comment on the D.A.'s decision. She's probably celebrating by knocking back a few. You know, a few pedestrians.





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  • Sophie Ocean
    Sophie Ocean

    it was clearly the idiot fault and not Britney. Those guys should be shjot in the head all of them and most are foreignersthey should be drived out the states! Who do they think they are at harrassing people like that? If you were harrassing your neighbourg as they do to her or following anyone as they folow her you will be put in jail for many years for stalking! they are all stalkers, who do nothing at all all their life, some leasy uneducated son of a bitch who cant speak english correctly and who have no respect what so ever gor the law nor for otehr people life and have absolulty no ethic in life. Their profession should be forbidden. The guy that get runned, he should be put in jail with all the others based on what you can see them doing in that video: empeding traffic and being a potential danger for the trafic and the driver, by blinding the driver with their flashes! They do so all the time, they should be sue for damaging her view! It can only be bad for the eyes. I will be her i will hiore a bunch of guys to take pics of the paparazzi constantly with extremely strong flashed while they try to picture Britney, so that way, they will eb unable to see a shit and all their picture will be useless due to too much gamma ray exposure. Those guys are trash, we should throw them.

  • bawwow

    The paps are outta control with brit, its totally the dude's fault

  • gorillasayz

    lol I wonder what Britney did for the DA to get off the hook...

  • moonshine

    Dude the paparazzi really do need to back off a little. It's completely their fault whatever happens to them when they're barging in on people's lives.

  • buzzbuddy

    Britney= World's Best Driver