Justin Bieber, 16, to Pen His Own Memoir

Justin Bieber, 16, to Pen His Own Memoir-photo

Justin Bieber wants to tell the world all of his life's accomplishments (the kid's 16, but he sure has done a lot), and the "Baby" pop giant will unleash his journalistic prowess on the world in October.

According to GossipCop, the Bieber memoir (Title suggestion: Bieberography?) will hit stores this fall, with HarperCollins publishing the teen tome. There's not much more info in the report, but one could expect the book to document Bieber's meteoric rise to fame via YouTube, his family life and how a 16-year-old boy deals with thousands of screaming fans everywhere he goes.

The book won't be out for a few months, but until then, you can study up on Justin with The Holy Bieble for all things Bieber-related.



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  • bieber@fboobk.com

    i love justin bieber

  • roby

    YES! cant wait

  • Der

    You people really need to leave her alone.

  • heather

    thats freakin hilarious. i used to like him, but this is really stupid. i wont buy that book for my life.

  • brody

    thank you for posting this,because i have never laughed more in my life=D!!seriously,dude,ur 16 and ur gonna write memoirs,of what,how hard it was for u to stop peeing in ur pants??? seriously,pull yourself together...

  • zuleidy esmeralda
    zuleidy esmeralda

    Justin Bieber're very handsome and I love your songs

  • annmarie

    seriously i don't what it is with people sometimes .. ?! what is it with people hating jb i don't understand why like you probably don't even know him ... if he wants to write a biography just let him ... if your not a fan of his then you don't have to buy his bio nobodies forcing yah... hes writing it for the people in the world that want to read it .... and one more question if you don't like the fact that hes writing a bio then why are you reading about what hes doing in life on celebuzz.. its just being thick ... think about it !!!

  • justin beiber or beaver whatever
    justin beiber or beaver whatever

    whatever who cares anyway i for one i am not going to by the book just saying

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    Go away kid. yeah,..go away ...

  • Phoebe

    Why does he need a memoir? Like, honestly WHAT has he accomplished? He's just a cult right now and eventually he will be old news and teenage girls will move on to the new hottie of the minute

  • annabannana56

    Go away kid.

  • Marcus

    For some reason I see Bierbers future will fall the same way Tevin Campbells did...his music and carreer will be irrelevant within the next 5 years and then soon after he will be on his knees pleasuring some dude in a public bathroom off of some intersate Hwy in Canada

  • Anonymous

    this is ridiculous