Justin Bieber Earns First Grammy Nomination

Justin Bieber Earns First Grammy Nomination-photo
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Justin Bieber has many accolades and accomplishments at just 16 years old, and now the phenom has added music's biggest honor to his list, as he's officially a Grammy nominee.

The teen sensation earned a nomination for Best New Artist during Wednesday night's live concert and nomination ceremony. Bieber even beamed in from London via satellite, where he called the nomination "amazing," and was rendered speechless by the nod.

Despite his score, Bieber doesn't have an easy path to victory. He's up against hip-hop standout Drake, and a handful of indie artists: Florence & The Machine, Mumford & Sons and jazz newbie Esperanza Spaulding.

Among other big nods, Eminem and Bruno Mars scored several nominations, with Slim Shady himself earning 10 nods for his hit album Recovery and especially for his duet with Rihanna, 'Love the Way You Lie.' One of those nominations was for Album of the Year, which he'll fight with Katy Perry for, as she earned a nomination for the smash hit Teenage Dream.



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  • shellbell2

    Biebs is so freaking cute. Too bad he has an ego, but I would too if I were him and had millions of screaming fans. He should use his celebrity for good and win money for charity on NBC's Minute To Win It. The new season premieres Tuesday December 7th, 8/7c. Watch it!

  • kawtarbieber

    haterzz! stop the hatin!justin deserves this nomine ,he worked soo hard and is acomplishing soo much for a sixteen year old! were all proud justin! ppl like u make me proud to be canadian!

  • screw it
    screw it

    Wow, really? I'm so glad I stopped watching award shows.

  • trill

    Sexiest creatur alive

  • Nicol

    Aww hpe he win NOrway wil vote for u

  • Jason

    God luck BIeber u ar smooth dude

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  • frill

    Congrats he works hard he desevr 2 b nominated

  • píčapes

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  • píčapes

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  • carolcarrara

    Grammy in Brazil starts late, but I stayed until 3 o'clock in the morning awake because I knew that our Justin could be named! *-*

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