Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Caught Holding Hands (?!?)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Caught Holding Hands (?!?)-photo

In what might be shaping up as the cutest couple in teen pop since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were an item, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were once again spotted out and about together, and this time, they were said to be hand-in-hand.

Biebs and Gomez -- who have been spending some serious time together lately -- were seen on Thursday enjoying some fine frozen delicacies at Menchie's in Encino, California. PEOPLE reports the duo was "joking around and laughing," but that's not all. A spy who saw the two reports back:

"She grabbed Justin's hand to pull him out of the store and they held hands as they left."

Heads. Exploding. With. Adorableness.

While there's still no comment from either side on what their status is, much speculation of late had been that Bieber was possibly dating Jasmine Villegas (aka Jasmine V) -- the romantic interest of his 'Baby' video. Check it out below:

Do you think JB and SG are an item? Spill your thoughts in the comments!



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  • swapna

    thy're not a match!!!- swapna

  • dont hate
    dont hate

    well idk if they are dating but it seems to me that she always is "dating" someone when they are in the spotlight. like when nick put out his cd and taylor with eclipse and now justin now that hes one of the most popular teenagers. i think she jumps from guys to much... she always says hes to young and all this stuff so its dumb if shes dating now cuz shes always like i wouldnt date him and stuff.. much love to biebz though


    Lol noooo that relationship would be the hugest fail known to man XD selena is WAYYYY to good for Justin and WAYYY to mature :P lol but about him dating all these girls XD je crampe ma vie XD but he has guys hurling himself at him 24/7 and hes a guy ..... so i dont blame him but i agree he has to chose already XD

  • smiley

    omg wat the heck she is way to old for him!!!!

  • justinbieberfan

    I dont think they are dating, cuz selena says Justin is a little brother for her...but they look nice together. Hpefully this love could grow and they would become a date someday.

  • Caitlin

    I am so confused like first Justin and Caitlin Beadles were "reconecting" he even brought her to LA and she was always back stage on his concerts and Then Jasmine Villegas and JB were spotted kissing in a back of a car then Justin and Selena What? Justin is a player or what? lol He needs to seddle down and choose one.

  • Maci

    I agree I think Justin is a Big Player First he was with Caitlin his ex-girlfriend then Kristin the girl on One Time music vid Then, Grace the One Less Lonley Girl on his music vid . Then he and paige form Never Let you Go Ohh and the Girl of SCHOOL GIRLS . Then he Went back with caitlin THEN he left her For Jasmine Villegas. Now SELENA ?? OHH AND GUESS WAT THE WIERD THING HE INVIDED ALL THESE GIRLS TO HIS 16 BIRTH DAY PARTY ISN'T THAT SO AWKARD EVEN SELENA WENT.

  • browneyebaby


  • omiga

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  • rdahl

    selena is way too hot for that fag

  • david    b    conway
    david b conway

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  • LOL127

    This is FREAKING ME OUT !!!...hurt my feeling :(

  • phia

    selena you are to old to justin just find someone els!!Pls!

  • nilah

    that's just a rumor i doubt its tru

  • chinqs

    Noooo... she's two years older than the kid (and to hot for him) and Selena has said many times that he's like a little brother to her. STOP THOSE RUMORS... EXACTLY!!!

  • Butch

    Rachel Maddow has a pair of glasses just like those...

  • racheal

    if its true ...from nick j and taylor lautner to beibs thats a down grade SELENA ALL THE GIRLOS WANT HIM AND U WILL GET JELOUS

  • christina

    its just a rumor, theres no big proof, and selena says if he was a little older then she would, and she says he feels like a bro to her. so this is just a rumor. im fan of them both.

  • shaybieber

    i dont think there going out , i think there just really good friends you know xD im a fan of the biebs .. i think there just friends :) friends do that sometimes xD . love you justin till dust till dawn xD love shaylene bieber ducharme ;) lol

  • Sammy Sue
    Sammy Sue

    Maybe they are working on a song together?

  • Krista

    if its true ... from nick j and taylor lautner to beibs thats a down grade LMFAO agreed!!!! exactly my thoughts.

  • Julia

    Selena says that Justin feels like a little brother to her. I don't think they're dating =) I'm a fan of them both

  • amy

    hahahaha the best comm ever !!!

  • Get a live
    Get a live

    demi lovato , jasmine villegas miley cyrus and now selena roumser are soo stupid

  • arleen

    Aww isn't that cute! Maybe later she can read him a bedtime story! lol jajajajja ur funny

  • David

    Selena!!!! Please!!! You can do so much better!

  • zahndra

    Aww isn't that cute! Maybe later she can read him a bedtime story! lol

  • meiner

    and if she has fun tomorrow with the Pope ... Believe it again some

  • Michael Scott Hertzberg
    Michael Scott Hertzberg

    orrrrrrrrrr gomez is his fag hag.

  • aa

    Noooo... she's two years older than the kid (and to hot for him) and Selena has said many times that he's like a little brother to her. STOP THOSE RUMORS...

  • n

    if its true ... from nick j and taylor lautner to beibs thats a down grade