Justin Long and Ashley Greene Want You to Ditch Your Jeans (VIDEO)

Justin Long and Ashley Greene Want You to Ditch Your Jeans (VIDEO)-photo

Justin Long is really branching out these days. The beloved Mac guy has moved on from plugging computer products to promoting an even worthier cause—clothing the homeless. Oh, and look; he's brought Ashley Greene along with him!

Check out Long and Greene's PSA for Teens for Jeans, which encourages people to donate their old jeans to homeless teenagers.

Last year the campaign, which is sponsored by Aeropostale, collected 200,000 pairs of jeans for the jeanless, and as Long and Greene point out, they're not just spokespeople, they're participants in the program. In fact, Greene seems to have gotten an extra jump on this year's drive by giving up her clothes entirely.

But, we kid. Really, we commend Long and Greene for their charitable spirits. Because without their efforts, homeless people would be walking around naked from the waist down. And nobody wants that. Usually.



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  • KIM

    ashley greene is pretty and she is ok i like her BUT DAMN I'M GETTING SO F*CKING SICK of seeing her and the rest of that stupid twiligh cast. there's only 2 twilight stars i want 2 see and thank god they arent involved in twilight anymore. o and justin long he is that dork cute, JEEPERS CREEPERS

  • missthing06

    what the hell. stupid

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I will gladly remove my jeans for Ashley Greene.

  • Sonia Goldenberg
    Sonia Goldenberg

    I like this advertisement. Justin and Ashley are so cool