Kanye West Premieres 'Runaway' Movie (VIDEO)

Kanye West Premieres 'Runaway' Movie (VIDEO)-photo

Kanye West's much-anticipated full-length film 'Runaway' has been released on YouTube, and just as anticipated, it's as odd and beautiful as everyone expected it to be.

Set to several songs by West, the premise of the 34-minute video -- at least as far as Celebuzz can understand -- is this: A phoenix in the form of gorgeous and naked Victoria's Secret supermodel Selita Ebanks crashes to the earth and is taken in by West (and treated to a random Michael Jackson parade). Despite being beautiful, said phoenix just can't seem to fit in, and eventually gets ostracized by West's snooty friends. That causes her to get angry ... really angry, and fly skyward in a fiery rage. The end. Watch it below:

The shots and imagery are quite vivid, and West's music as the soundtrack adds not just the context, but also the driving point of the video. When it comes down to it, you could put up 35 minutes of the off-air color bars backed to Kanye's music, and it'll still be quite watchable.

So, Celebuzz faithful: What do you think of Kanye's latest artistic endeavor? Amazing and artsy, or long and confusing? Vote in the poll, and comment it up!



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  • Georgeann Blender
    Georgeann Blender

    We must remember when we were teens and how hard it was. Sometimes as adults we forget.

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    scrapejet faq

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  • Ms. P
    Ms. P

    I Just love this viedo so very much. It has so many meaning to it. The dancers really added a speical touch to it The one I get is that some people are always putting other people down. Who is trying their best to do the right thing. the sadest part about is they dont even know nothing about them. A drink to the haters and God bless them too. Great Job Kanye! Keep been YOU SON! God Bless

  • theevaluator
  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown


  • timothy brown
    timothy brown

    ART!!! ART!!! I, say a true master piece along with a terriffic concept people know denying!!! MR> WEST

  • Megan

    I'm not interested enough to watch a 34 minute long video from an arrogant bitch. So, what happened? Woops.

  • angelia

    I Loved IT!!!!!!for those who didn't get it you don't matter.

  • Alex


  • Alex


  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    the ballet scene goes on for wayyyy too long but i love that song. "lets have a toast for the douche bags, lets have a toast for the scum bags, lets have a toast for the jerk offs..." kinda hilarious. probably not intended to be funny. but it made me laugh.

  • Alex


  • Herman Bumfudle
    Herman Bumfudle

    i am the damned. man sought power but what you found was the damned, man found what he was looking for but the pain was more than he could bear. the truth is never unkind.


    Kanye West - Runaway (Film!) www.worldmix.ru/2010/10/kanye-west-runaway-film/

  • kweezy

    thats what she said

  • Expert on Everything
    Expert on Everything

    I wanna hate it because Kanye can be such a douch, but it's cool. -and long.

  • LaLaLa

    what was the message he was trying to convey? is there more than one? i'm kinda confused. But probably cause im too tired to try and actually think and figure it out. why is America now blood and tears? ..................... why is freedom considered "Free doom"? and can't everyone survive in America??? More people can survive here than in places that have a dictated government............i dunno this video was just weird. of course, it was also very original. and the only reason it's weird is because we're not used to seeing a film in this context and set up.

  • rafagonca

    long and confusing.

  • rafagonca

    very long!