Kate Gosselin at the 2010 Emmy Awards (PHOTOS)

Kate Gosselin took time away from her eight to get all fancied up at the 2010 Emmy Awards. Her basic black floor length gown was nicely accented with a sequin cowl neck. Who doesn't love seeing this harworking mom dressed to the nines? Click here to see more of her Emmys style and stay updated on the Emmys with our 2010 Emmy Awards coverage.

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  • lovesbabes1

    I hope a lover peeled that dress off of Kate's sexy body, kissed her all over and had a night-long session of intercourse with her! Kissing, licking, thrusting, pumping, cumming, sperming, pulling out and loving all night!

  • lovesbabes1

    So pretty and filled with sexual energy! I would love to be her f-buddy and have her release her HOT sexual energy all over her house with me.

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  • billyinc1

    Gorgeous Smile Kate.

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    i bet she had to pay for her seat. she couldnt have possibly been invited.

  • Cherylanne

    She just needs to stay at home.

  • lo.

    is this a joke? is she REALLY at the emmys? -_-'

  • noah

    Her hair looks like it was treated with napalm.