Kate Gosselin, Acting the Diva on the 'Dancing With the Stars' Set? Shocking!

Kate Gosselin, Acting the Diva on the 'Dancing With the Stars' Set? Shocking!-photo

Apparently, her ex-husband Jon isn't the only one that Kate Gosselin doesn't have time for these days. According to the New York Post, the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom, who's currently practicing to compete on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, hasn't exactly been tap-dancing her way into the hearts of her DWTS colleagues, and even managed to dissuade Olympic skater Johnny Weir from participating on the show with her negative attitude. Says a source,

"Kate doesn't want anything to do with other contestants...While there's a lot of camaraderie among the crew and other stars including Pamela Anderson, Kate has set herself apart...She wants to be queen bee." 

Well, sounds like she's setting herself up to become the queen B, anyway.

What say you, readers? Will K-Goss' bad attitude cast a pall over this season of DWTS? Share your predictions in the comments section.



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  • linda

    iif they take kate off the show, i will no longer watch dwts

  • mera

    kate wasted her time ... her partner probably got blasted by her. You know it is never Kate's fault .... so poor Tony will take it on the cuff. This woman is a lying tramp ... not a mother. When is she going to give up "for the kids" byline ... it's sickening.

  • suzanne

    Dancers need be well conditioned, physically coordinated, athletic and connected emotionally to the over all score of the norm. When has Kate ever displayed any of these attributes ? Wake up all, she was payed to be the one to fall & cause a spark.

  • dessy

    Go head with your bad self kate donj't let ppl put you down

  • maryann

    good luck kate..its nice to see you moving on and not letting that louse jon get you down

  • Sherry

    She has NO reason to be a Diva. She gave birth to multiple babies, what a resume! Get off the screen Kate, done with it!

  • Pru

    I feel sorry for her partner, Tony. During interviews, he seems to have a forced smile on his face.

  • Ann

    If she's going to be such a diva, she won't last long. Once she's gone (first, I hope), the rest of the cast can relax and have fun.