Kate Gosselin Does a Match.Com Commercial

In true Kate Gosselin fashion, she's not gonna let Jon outshine her!

Funny Or Die spoofed the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad last week in a hilarious Match.Com dating profile, and now it's Kate's turn!

Username? KatePlus8Minus1Hawaiian. So good!

If you missed Jon's ad, check it out here:

Have your say in the comments section: Which ad was funnier?



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  • reneelucky7

    hahahahahahhahahhahhahahhahahahaaaahahaha. Damn! That is funny! I almost spit my beer all over my keyboard.

  • regans

    Gotta have back! Can't steal my stuff!

  • stallown3d

    Kate -- call me. I LOVE stretchmarks.. and C-section scars.