Kate Gosselin Maintains Her 'DWTS' Diva Streak Right to the Very End

Kate Gosselin Maintains Her 'DWTS' Diva Streak Right to the Very End-photo

You have to give Kate Gosselin credit: When it comes to annoying, inconveniencing and emotionally terrorizing others, she doesn't quit until the job is done.

The Kate Plus 8 mega-breeder returned to Dancing With the Stars for the show's season finale last night, giving the DWTS crew a reminder of why they were so happy to see her go in the first place. According to a Dancing insider, Gosselin maintained her perfect streak of being a stand-offish but thoroughly troublesome guest who went so far as to complain about the temperature of the dance floor. Yeah, totally:

"We had all just about forgotten what a nightmare Kate was...She is the only celebrity in the entire 10 seasons who has demanded a security guard be with her at all times, and nothing anyone does is good enough. Last night, she actually wanted the temperature of the ballroom changed before she hit the floor. Kate hates to sweat and this was just another opportunity for her to be difficult."

The show's hair and makeup staff were so filled with dread at the prospect of dealing with Kate again, the snitch reveals, that they actually flipped a coin to see who would get the dishonor of gussying her up. Which might only be surprising for the fact that she actually requires professional help to acquire that hairstyle of hers.

You'd think that, with all the money she raked in from her Dancing stint, Kate could be a little more gracious. Maybe she should use the cash for some apparently much-needed anger-management classes.



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  • Mary 'Jane
    Mary 'Jane

    Kate Gosselin. I loved this woman on John and Kate Plus eight with her adorable Little kids. But now it seems like she's letting all the fame get to her head. I still like her don't get me wrong. But i think she's getting a "big head"

  • Shelley

    Kate Gosselin will endure the full length of her Warholian 15 minutes of fame for the same reason that applies to Sarah Palin: because there are gullible morons who willingly hand over their widows' mites to the no talent beotches. Barnum had it right. There is one born every minute.

  • Mad at Tabloids
    Mad at Tabloids

    Why do you tabloids insist on writing this crap. Anything to get people to read your junk.

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    Diva besides i saw her & she was terrible!!!It looked like a peinguin trying to move!!(but worse!)