Katherine Heigl Gray over 'Grey's' Gig?

Katherine Heigl Gray over 'Grey's' Gig?-photo

Grey's Anatomy top doc Katherine Heigl could be looking to take off her scrubs.

No, not that way. A source has told Us Weekly, "She's working really long hours and is ready to move on."

With Knocked Up and 27 Dresses under her belt and publicity mounting from her starring role in The Ugly Truth with man of the moment Gerard Butler, Heigl is fast becoming the Meg Ryan Everygirl of a new romcom-loving generation. And what Hollywod hopeful would ever turn down their shot at silver-screen success?

After a bit of a flap with ABC bosses back in 2007, wherein the suits saw fit to announce to the world they would "raise her compensation significantly" in the wake of the Isaiah Washington F-word kerfuffle, the onscreen Izzie Stevens checked back in to Seattle Grace.

Heigl could be locked into ABC for a decent amount of time to come, and she should be mindful of what happened when America's best Friend Jennifer Aniston tried to set her sights on movies, but talk is she may be looking to buy her way out of the deal.

Is the lure of big-screen paydays and copious amounts of free time too much for Heigl to resist—or is the old Grey's tension on high continuing to leave a sour taste in her mouth?



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  • jessicamichellevm

    I think that it is a great step for Katherine from television to features because she is an amazing actress and she's been in this business and paid her dues. I just don't think that how she is acting to get off the show is appropriate, by talking bad about writers and being kind of a celebrity brat, because Grey's Anatomy is basically what brought her into the lime light and she should show some respect to the writers and producers of the show, and she has a contract that she has to live with until some form of agreement happens between her and the producers of the show. Basically, there's just better ways of handling things.

  • rforrumor

    no!!!! if she leaves grey's, i'm not gonna watch it anymore. i love izzy!!