Katie Holmes: A Shoe-in For Worst Mother Award?

Katie Holmes: A Shoe-in For Worst Mother Award?-photo

Never mind what the medical community has to say: If Suri Cruise wants to wear high heels, she will—and her mom is totally okay with it.

Suri's mother, Katie Holmes, came under fire last week when pictures of her three-year-old daughter wearing heels found their way onto the Internet. But despite warnings that such footwear, besides being totally age-inappropriate, could be detrimental to Suri's development—with one podiatrist telling Fox News that it could lead to "a tightening or shortening of the Achilles tendon"—Holmes says it's no biggie if her toddler wants to teeter around in dangerous kicks.

Holmes tells Access Hollywood,

"Like every little girl, she loves my high heels...They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them."

Oh, Katie; kids love a lot of things. Like ice cream for breakfast, for instance. Or shoving crayons deep into their ear canals. It doesn't mean you have to encourage such tendencies. Unless you think Suri will also love it when her budding dance career is cut short by a broken ankle.

On the other hand (or foot, as it were), a gold star to Holmes for finally teaching her daughter to wear shoes, instead of just eating them.

Readers, what do you say? Do you think Suri should be allowed to wear heels at her age? Share your opinions in the comments section!



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  • nancyw

    It seems to me that Suri is not taught anything of value. Everything is outward appearances such as fashion & how you look to the world. There is no substance. Not to mention the fact that NO child I have ever seen has walked around in public in high heels! Katie says that every little girl likes to wear high heels. She is correct!! I did & so did my daughter, but not in public!! There are no boundaries with this child! She does just what she wants and no one tells her NO!!! I can just imagine what that household is like! But, Tom & Katie have no else to blame but themselves. She will dictate what she will & won't do for the rest of their lives! She will be that way with everone she comes in contact with! I really don't see a very happy future with this child!! But, this is my opinion. Maybe Suri will surprise us all!

  • Beth

    I wish they would dress her in warm clothing as both Tom and Katie are seen wearing. She hardly ever has a coat on or something covering her legs. Who is the adult her?????

  • Anchi

    [quote=tofu lover]MsRadioRickie, what's wrong with eating tofu? It's better than the antibiotic laden meat you put in your body. And when you're older and unhealthy (and probably obese) and miserable in your failing body, I'll be enjoying my tofu. Katie H. is an idiot. Miss Tofu Lover, While I do agree that there is nothing wrong with eating tofu, your comment is as pretentious as the one you are responding to. To say that vegetarians (or people who eat tofu) are the only healthy lot out there is close minded and ignorant. I've been eating meat since I could chew it and I am probably thinner and more healthy than most vegetarians out there. Life is about balance. Also, just like you have the option between organic and unorganic food, we have the choice between naturally fed and "antibiotic laden" meat. Mimicing the person you are trying to rebut is ineffective and makes you look like an idiot. A

  • ellet

    I just loooove that shoes! When I started dancing, i used shoes just like tha.. and i dont have any problem in my foot

  • BettyBoop

    My daughter would go crazy for that shoes! I would love to know where she got it? My daughter 3 year old got a collection of Disney Princess Shoes and she loooove it! Suri is adorable!

  • just my thoughts
    just my thoughts

    I really dont think there is anything wrong with letting a little girl wear heels if she wants... It really is not anyones business how I raise my kids or what I let them wear and I am sure most of you all really feel the same way so why make it your business how Katie choses to raise Suri just because they are who they are doesnt give you any more right to put your nose where it doesnt belong. If they didnt make shoes for little girls with heels then she couldnt buy them so why not makes a fuss to the company that makes then instead of to a mother who choses to let her little be happy by wearing them weather it is to feel special or to avoid a temper tantrum on what would other wise be a fun day out. I am sure that if we all looked so hard at how everyone raises there kids there maybe a lot less kids getting hurt or abused and things like that so untill we solve the big problems why make such a fuss about the small stuff that dont even really matter.

  • Oh big deal for nothing...
    Oh big deal for nothing...

    oh c'mon, when i was 4 years old i had heels to weddings. i'm not really into high heels, but country where I grow up has children who use russian curse words (not in Russia) since age 3, so which is more worse: high heels or cursing?

  • vicwig

    Mommy 101. I personally don't care WHO the mother is. There's nothing wrong with indulging in a child's wishes from time to time like having ice cream for breakfast or lunch. We as parent don't get it right all the time. However, I DO KNOW that it is NOT okay for a little three year old to wear heals with a PUMP. There are actually shoes for little girls with heals of that exact height which are cute AND age appropriate. That's not the mistake. The poor judgement lies in the fact that little girls and SOMETIMES littles boys all want to be like mommy. And who is mommy? Mommy is a grown up who from time to time, wears grown up heels, and Suri is going to want to wear those shoes all the time because their her special grown up heels. We all have our favorite things that we tend to wear or eat or whatever, that little girl is no different. Let the child play dress up with mommy's heels at home, but that is as far as a mother should take it. Why? First of all, I don't have to tell you about the creeps out there who prey on little girls. Whether they are three or thirteen, they convince themselves that since they're dressed like a woman or even slightly, then it's okay to pursue them. Secondly, if you give a child leeway with ANYTHING like having a little champaign on New Years Eve, wearing makeup at twelve or lip gloss at eight, letting a sixteen year old get a naval ring for their birthday, and in some extreme cases, thinking it's okay for your seventeen or eighteen year old to drink with their friends in your home, as long as it's "supervised", of course. My point is they're going to want MORE of the same inappropriate things. No, I CANNOT say to other parents "to each it's own" because it takes a village to raise a child. AND, if you still find nothing wrong with Katie's decision to allow her three year old to wear a tiny version of women's shoes, then take a look at Brittney and Jamie Lynn Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Perez Hilton. Just food for thought.

  • Sue

    People who dwell on this kind of stuff don't have much of a life, do they? If people would get a life of their own, these people wouldn't matter so much.

  • Lorraine

    its not like she wears those shoes everyday! maybe just one day every month or every two months.. just like every normal little girl who walks around in princess heels all day... That's what my little sister does so... I dont see the problem unless the heels were higher or she wore them every day, but that isnt the case so just lighten up people -.-

  • Maxx

    I don't care if she wears heels or not, but maybe her mum would like to consider putting a coat on her toddler in the cold East Coast weather. It doesn't matter if she likes them or not, because no one likes a toddle size coffin because your child got pneumonia, or another sickness from her being an irresponsible stupid parent.

  • MG

    Who gives a crap!

  • suppernanny

    Katie need to take motherhood lesson. kids love to do lots of stuff that is not for there age, you as a mother you need to teach the right thing. Now I know why these kind of parents need "Super Nanny" to there house, 'cuase they have lots of money and don't know how to manage there kids.

  • Mjx

    This is silly. From what I've seen the kid wears the 'high heels' (these are not exactly stilettos, are they?) for brief periods, and takes very brief walks in them. There are plenty of images that make it clear that Katie carries a pair or ordinary kid shoes in her bag for Suri to change into when she's had enough of the heels/is actually going to do some walking. If this is the worst Katie is doing, she hardly qualifies as 'worst mum'. Ridiculous.

  • Fernando

    who cares?

  • MsRadioRikki

    [quote=tofu lover]MsRadioRickie, what's wrong with eating tofu? It's better than the antibiotic laden meat you put in your body. And when you're older and unhealthy (and probably obese) and miserable in your failing body, I'll be enjoying my tofu. Katie H. is an idiot. *pause*YOU are one of the ones who needs a psych.lol.so much anger-maybe mom should have fed you ice cream,made you smile more.btw,nice touch calling KH an idiot,clearly,you have issues.peace and love.

  • Amaryllis

    Oh for Pete's sake. She's not wearing the high heels 24/7, is she? No chance her Achilles tendon would shorten unless that was the case. When I was a little kid growing up in the 1950s heels for little kids were common. They were worn with short white sox with lace on the top. I had a pair and didn't grow up to be a serial killer, a whore, or a bank robber. And my Achilles tendons are just fine! Giver her a break.

  • Sicilian

    Actually, I feel that what Katie does as a mother is none of my business!!!

  • Bluejeans

    I believe that Scientology practices permit children to choose their own paths and learn from their mistakes. I could be wrong, but I think that's how they do it.

  • roseanne

    My GOD this is crazy the media goes from one family to another. It is Jon + Kate then Tiger Woods and his family now it is the Cruise family. May be the kid is going through a faze it happens. You can tell this kid is loved happy and well adjusted. Does it matter what shoes she has on her feet. You can tell her mother loves her. Katie is a first time mother , motherhood does not come with a rule book. You make mistakes some times I put my kids in a heavy coat and it turns out to be a hot day, some times I put them in a short sleeve shirt then it turns out to cold. It happens you learn as you go with kids. The point is the media needs to report news not what some kid has on her feet because of who her parents are. You call this real news. How about some kid that does not have shoes report that. Kids in are own country the parents do not have money for shoes. The parenting groups you talk about why are they not spending the time to worry about kids with no shoes.......

  • tofu lover
    tofu lover

    MsRadioRickie, what's wrong with eating tofu? It's better than the antibiotic laden meat you put in your body. And when you're older and unhealthy (and probably obese) and miserable in your failing body, I'll be enjoying my tofu. Katie H. is an idiot.

  • claire

    Get a life people. Im sure this doesnt happen 24/7. I used to constantly wear heels when i was a kid! And im fine! The shoes will only do long term damage if she walks in them for long periods of time 24/7 & im sure Katie doesnt let that happen. Besides im sure Katie dosnt want that to happen! And why hould any of you care if she does. Its not your child, you cant tell Katie how to bring up her off-spring. Leave her alone. She's a far better mum than most!

  • MsRadioRikki

    1)why does anyone care?2)since, we're discussing it-THEYRE KIDS DANCE SHOES,NOT 6 INCH STILLETTOS. You know what i think it is, some of you are too busy feeding your kids wheat grass and tofu.And others are too busy being angry about their own childhood.get a psych and re-assess(sp?).

  • Katy

    I'm fourteen, and I have a really bad back problem. BECAUSE OF HIGH HEELS! My back has developed wrong, and now I have to do exercises every day, I'm forbid to bend backwards and side-to-side, run and jump. If I'm lucky I can get an operation, when I'm fully developed, but now, I have back pains every single day and I have to constantly control what I'm doing, if I'm sitting straight etc. Want that kind of life for your children?

  • omar

    she is so unaware of appropriate child development. brittany is looking better and better when you compare her to katie.


    Oh, for crying out loud, people! There's nothing wrong with a little girl wanting to wear girlie shoes with a little heal on them. I wore my Mom's high healed shoes as a little girl and my 3 granddaughters like to wear them also. It's called playing dress-up; wanting to be like Mommy. It's not like they wear them all the time. Lighten up. Leave Katie alone. She is a good Mom. MISSRED

  • Nims

    She is a mom making her kid happy, my 4 year old has heels not much different from those that she plays around the house in to play dress up. Give her a break. oh and Btw while I might agree shoving crayons in your ear is bad....there is nothing wrong with icecream for breakfast sometimes. Learn to live.

  • terri

    totally age inappropriate... its one thing to wear mommy's high heels, playing dressup. Its another to be wearing them in public, and for them to be her size. Unless she is learning dance, they are very inappropriate.. Notice Mommy is wearing boots...