Katie Holmes & Suri Have Holiday Fun in Canada (PHOTOS)

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri were in a festive mood when they visited holiday-themed attractions at Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday.

Katie held Suri's hand as the mother-daughter duo greeted a whale and boarded the Christmas Train for a fun holiday treat. Katie was dressed down in jeans and a headscarf while Suri looked adorable (per usual) in a pink floral dress and white coat.

What do you think of Katie and Suri's outing? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • linda

    where are the socks, tights, or leggings for this child...seems that she is never dressed right for the weather

  • katy

    I'm mostly amazed that she is walking on her own two feet.

  • bell

    Why is that child having bear leggs? wearing a dress? its cold and winter!! Its freezing in Vancouver. Katie is wearing boots, jeans, coat and a scarf. Suri just a dress and coat.

  • canuck

    Katie is dressed for the north pole and Suri has bare legs and a cottton dress....do they still allow her to dress as she pleases?... It's pretty obvious who's runnung the show !!

  • anne

    I'm in shock! How did Katie finally get this kid in a winter coat? It's about time. Now if she can get her legs and feet covered and ditch the blanket for good, she'll be on her way.

  • maya

    Why Suri is dressed like its spring and Katie like its winter ?? What kind of mother is she ?? u people is US are strange.

  • maya

    she's sick !! that kind of people should live on the moon. Tom and her are sic !! they shouldn have babies.


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