Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Share Clothes

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Share Clothes-photo

Katie Holmes likes to wear jeans belonging to husband Tom Cruise.

It keeps them "connected," according to Star.

Connected? There's probably a tracking device built into them!

Katie's been photographed multiple times wearing denim that's rolled at the ankle and baggy on her lithe frame.

"She was surprised they fit her so well," a source says. "All she needed was a wide belt to keep them up."

The belt, sure. But those jeans should be like capris on her! She's taller!

Katie's been rocking the Scientology trousers as she walks to rehearsals in NYC for her Broadway debut.

Does this mean Tom's at home wearing her dresses? He needs to feel "connected" too, ya know.



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  • sami

    SHE is 5'9" and HE is 5' 7" not the other way around. BTW, the jeans are terrible and she looks like she is 50 years old. It looks like she picked up whatever clothes were on the floor and put them on.