Katie Price Is Hooked on the Horse

Katie Price Is Hooked on the Horse-photo

She might have been rebuffed at Cartier's 2008 International Polo event, but respected authoress Katie Price (a/k/a Jordan) was able to ride up on her high horse in Birmingham, England, Friday.

Price mounted a hairy beast to partake in the 2008 Horse of the Year Show: Dressage to Music at the LG Arena.

No word on whether Price's riding ensemble (what, no tiara?) came from her oh-so-classy line of equestrian gear, or if she mugged a hotel doorman on the way to the event.

Whatever the source of her togs, Price managed to win over the crowd with her whinnying smile. And slightly downsized boobs.



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  • gaby reed
    gaby reed

    im so in disagreement with Maire Jackson is an ameazing Jasper and Nikki plays Rosalie perfectly, im a huge fan of Rose character and she is exelent! so no you are so wrong!! i want to see Las day of summer is going to be exelent as Chain letter Nikki is an ameazing actriss!!

  • Maia

    I don´t understand how they casted Nikki Reed for Rosalie, she even looks ugly. She really doesn´t fit there and either does Jason Rathborne.

  • th3y say
    th3y say

    According to chainletterofficialfansite.ning.com this film will release onmay 21st.

  • they say
    they say

    Cant wait to see Chain letter on May 26th! This should be a really good movie for Nikki Reed! Awesome

  • reed487candycanne

    She was so good at playing rosalie in twilight

  • shads2sents

    has anyone seen The chain letter trailer. Its on Deontaylorenterprises.com

  • superb33

    Nikki Reed has been on fire as of late. I cant wait to see her in chain letter! She is a brunnette in that movie