Katy Perry Gets Her 'Boo!' On

Katy Perry Gets Her 'Boo!' On-photo

With her strict Christian upbringing, should Katy Perry be so big on celebrating Halloween?

Well, the spooky holiday coincides with Katy's birthday (she turned 24 on October 25); so the singer threw a massive Halloween/birthday bash at Siren Studios in Los Angeles Tuesday night, reports E! Online.

Setting the tone for the event, so-gay Katy arrived at the festivities in a hearse, rocking a 10karat ruby and diamond necklace by jeweler Pascal Mouawad.

More than 200 costumed guests—including Josh Groban and Cisco Adler—packed into the Malibu Rum-sponsored event to creep each other out with their costumes.

Aside from guzzling rum concoctions, partygoers bobbed for body parts and made merry in a coffin photo booth and an execution chamber.

Guests were asked to dress as their favorite dead celebrity. Adorned with a bushy mustache, Katy resurrected deceased Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

Good luck getting any girls to kiss you with that bristle-brush strapped under your nose.



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  • elite90

    Katy Perry's costume is amazing especially with that mustache. I didnt know it was her actually. But i'm amazed at the guy that's dressed as Tupac. (guy holding her hand) He looks exactly like Tupac, how creepy

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Why is Katy Perry dressed like Lourdes Leon?