Katy Perry Gives Us A Taste Of 'California Gurls' Music Video (VIDEO)

Katy Perry Gives Us A Taste Of 'California Gurls' Music Video (VIDEO)-photo

If you can't get enough of Katy Perry's infectious new song "California Gurls" we have good news for you: Katy just released a 30 second teaser of her new video for the song and it looks pretty awesome.

Judging from the clips from the sneak peek video, Katy has eschewed the obvious California stereotypes in favor of a Candyland theme. In the clip Katy wears various colored wigs (similar to the one she wore at the MTV Move Awards), dances around with giant donuts on her chest, and shoots whipped cream from her bra.

Sounds pretty zany and it's exactly what we would expect from fun-loving Katy.

Watch the video below.



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  • Matt

    Fergalicious, much?

  • Britini95

    This reminds of a certain Fergie music video. Maybe she should be more worried about her videos and not diss others!

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