Katy Perry Ignites "Fireworks" on 'X-Factor' (VIDEO)

Katy Perry Ignites

Katy Perry is continuing to make teenage dreams come true, lighting up the UK X-Factor stage with a sparkling performance of her new single "Fireworks."

The always-lovely Katy strutted her stuff on a stage filled with pyrotechnics, lighting up the airwaves in her fiance Russell Brand's home country. Katy has called the inspirational "Fireworks" the signature song from her album after rocking it on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Check out the fiery performance (via  Idolator:)

Katy unleashes the single to the radio airwaves on Oct. 26. What do you think of Katy's pyro-filled performance? Hit us back in the comments.



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  • hearts

    What the hell? Has Katy taken up smoking, because I know she's a better singer than this! Seriously, this is bad! Her TeenChoice Awards performance was eqaully terrible. Her MTV unplugged(2009) was fantasic, her voice was angelic. I think she just doesn't make songs that work for her voice. She not good with deep notes or really, really high ones. It sounds like she's trying way too hard to get the sound good for the song. I'm sure she'd be better if she just sang with her normal vocals.

  • Guest

    What is so special about her. She sounds absolutely terrible. Must be good editing at the studio to make her albums sound good because live and without the technology she cannot sinf