Katy Perry Just Wandering Around In Lace Leggings And A Thong (PHOTOS)

When you're practicing super-hard dance moves for hours at a studio, you want to be as comfortable as possible, are we correct? That was totes on Katy Perry's mind, as she was spotted working on her moves in Los Angeles yesterday, sporting a gray, thong leotard over lace tights. Sure, why NOT!

Check it out in our new gallery! 



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  • anonimous

    thats not a thong but i just got an erection

  • sugarmimi

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  • obsessed

    WHAT THE f*ck.

  • c

    She is h o r r i b l e

  • kopns

    She's going into a dance studio so, whatever. If she had been walking around town like this, then I'd be disappointed in her lack of judgement.

  • crystalhope

    OMG! I wouldn't wear these even 4 a million bucks...