Katy Perry Is Super-Tasty in New 'California Gurls' Video

Katy Perry Is Super-Tasty in New 'California Gurls' Video-photo

Now this is pretty sweet. On a variety of levels.

The video for Katy Perry's "California Gurls" ha been released, and it's quite the visual extravaganza. Featuring a very special appearance by Snoop Dogg, the video finds the "I Kissed a Girl" singer frolicking through a game of the children's classic Candyland, when she's not, um, lounging naked on a cloud of cotton candy and spraying whipped cream from her nipples.

Check out the clip below and share your thoughts in the comments section: Is Katy's "California Gurls" video awesome, or super-awesome?



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  • Sophie

    You need to change "Tasty" to "Tacky". Awful video, crappy song. But Katy seems like a sweet girl. :)

  • Mohammad Tareq
    Mohammad Tareq


  • annabannana56

    Another slutty video...Great job Katy!


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