Ke$ha Glows in New 'Take It Off' Video

Ke$ha Glows in New 'Take It Off' Video-photo

Ke$ha is giving her fans a fitting alternative video for her single "Take It Off," in which she sings about "a place downtown where the freaks all come around."

She of the Indian headdresses, tiger masks and gold teeth rocks out in classic K-Money fashion, sporting black light-friendly lipstick, dollar-sign tattoos and eventually, awesomely 80's talons!

Our friends at Idolator tipped us off to the new alternate video, in which the party goes down at an underground rave:

Ke$ha celebrated the new video on her YouTube channel, saying: “me n my friends were bored and we were really channeling some 80s hard (tron, david bowie in labrynth, revenge of the nerds) and we made this new video for take it off. it was really fun to make. i hope you guys like it!!!!!”

What do you think of the electric "Take It Off" video? Shout it out in the comments.



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  • Romey

    I can tolerate one Kesha song. But "Take It Off" gets my vote, too, for worst song I've heard in a long, long time.

  • liri

    are you kidding me.. this video rocks.. the song is def.. not her best.. but its ok (: love ya kesh

  • cintia

    omg..!!!! stop this is a good songg you are an idiots than dont understand musicc.....!!!!!!!!! i love keshaaa

  • Ange

    That's not a tribute to anything. It's just a bad video.

  • just another smart american
    just another smart american

    Not only does she sounds like a dude half the song, she looks like one too. No wonder the video is so dark, it's to hide all the hideous that is Kesha. The video also lacks any kind of creativity or innovative. It's just stupid. Stupid dance scenes, and girls making out to make it 'edgy'. This is a sad attempt by Kesha. Pathetic.

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    I agree. the worst song ever? with kesha and jeffree star in the video ? how could it be :P

  • ilovenoah

    [quote=Scott Lauzon]This might be the worst song I've ever heard. I agree.

  • Scott Lauzon
    Scott Lauzon

    This might be the worst song I've ever heard.

  • noah

    she looks like a female John Travolta. John Travolta looks like a female John Travolta.

  • Emily

    im scared!

  • Marcus

    she looks like a female John Travolta.