Kellan Lutz Is Loving the Single Life, Pal Says

Kellan Lutz Is Loving the Single Life, Pal Says-photo

Don't worry about Kellan Lutz; he might have recently broken up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord, but he's not exactly staying home and crying into his pillow every night.

The Twilight hunk's pal, Gigantic star Ryan Rottman, tells OK! Magazine that Lutz has been "doing well" since his split with McCord, and that he and Lutz have been in male-bonding mode since he and AnnaLynne called it quits:

“We’ve been having a lot of guy time and a lot of fun...We have a really closely-knit group of like eight of us and we go everywhere together which is awesome."

So...a bunch of young studs hitting the town and picking up ladies? Well, not exactly; as Rottman tells it, Lutz's activities as a single man lean more toward artistic endeavors: 

“We’ve been painting a lot, spray-painting, like stencils and stuff like that. We got to a lot of concerts. We just saw The Script and Florence and the Machine.”

Who do you think Kellan should hook up with next? Let us know in the comments section.



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