Kelly Osbourne's Pussycat Doll Makeover

Kelly Osbourne's Pussycat Doll Makeover-photo

There's no better way to say this: Kelly Osbourne looks amazing lately. Fresh off a glamorous turn on the Emmys red carpet, Kelly O underwent a burlesque makeover (think blonde extensions and a vinyl corsette) to perform with the Pussycat Dolls at the Viper Room in Los Angeles Wednesday night. PCD founder Robin Antin tweeted the above pre-show photo.

Kelly, 25, busted out a few of her Dancing with the Stars moves to share the stage with Mya (a former DWTS competitor) and frequent PCD performer Carmen Electra.

The erotic affair was a success in Kelly's eyes, as she tweeted : "I can't thank you enough for tonight!" and to Mya: "it was amazing getting to work with you again... you sounded so good tonight."

Do you think Kelly pulls off the Pussycat Doll look? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Khrichelle Mitchie A. Callos
    Khrichelle Mitchie A. Callos

    Yah thats why i love robin antin. she's the mastermind in all this. i love the original members of the PCD 90's

  • TJ

    that fake blonde hair and orange roots look trashy on her. she does look pretty good considering the mess she used to be in tho'.

  • Anderson Swooper
    Anderson Swooper

    Hysterical. Her head is ENORMOUS!...2 things to consider; 1.) Google the original Pussycat Dolls Line-up...and look at the above picture...Haunting. 2.) Here agent must be VERY "persuasive"...Why? She got this gig and I recently saw her on Fashion Police. Define irony: Kelly Osbourne judging the dress, style and looks of Hollywood celebrities.... WOW!

  • Jo mama
    Jo mama

    a pig is a pig is a pig

  • De-Mo Mice
    De-Mo Mice

    more love

  • annabannana56

    I don't like it. She looks like a cheapest slut ever.

  • sack lunch
    sack lunch

    Her head is huge. And where are her jugs?

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    She was beautiful before but now she is amazing! congratulations!

  • Heaven Of Shoes
    Heaven Of Shoes

    wow she does look amazing.