Kendall Jenner's Beach Shoot (PHOTOS)

Fear not, Kardashian fans; your favorite reality TV family's legacy of beauty will continue to dominte for years to come.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian's 14-year-old sister Kendall Jenner has already embarked on her own budding modeling career (serving as a spokesmodel for Nordstrom and Forever 21), and the latest evidence of her blossoming love affair with the camera comes via this beach shoot lensed by photographer Nick Saglimbeni. Kim posted the pics on her official Web site in a justified act of familial pride.

Kim gushes,

"They turned out sooo gorgeous!! I am so proud of Kendall. She’s going to take over the modeling world… you just watch! :)"

We're inclined to agree, but feel free to click through the photo gallery and judge for yourself.

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  • Cruz Rodriguez
    Cruz Rodriguez

    they are like kim and kloe and koutney

  • vicky

    i think she looks amazing and good luck 2 her in her modeling career and she 16 so has a mind of her own dnt know where every1 is getting that she 14 from good luck 2 her is what i say xx

  • sin

    Hi. I'm 15 but my mom told me to say I'm 21. Want to get me pregnant and get a reality TV show?

  • sin

    Much too young to dress like that.

  • Freebie

    This child is only 15 and already her mother is whoring her out to make money.

  • Natalia

    wow she is sexy and that comes from a girl!!

  • stephanie

    kendall is a very pretty girl but these shots are inappropriate for a girl her age. anyone who disagrees has very strange views....

  • Holly

    WOW!!!! I am astonished how ignorant people are on here. I guess the anonymity on here give people the gumption to say things that I guarantee, given the chance, would never say to Kendall, Kris, Bruce or any of the others in person. I can't believe the things that people would say to her about her family. CRAZY.... I am not sure what is worse the people coming on here saying that Kendall is not pretty in the face and without her family connections she would be nothing or the crap that is being said about her mother, father, sisters and brothers!!!!!! Everyone should grow up. How would you like someone talking to your child like this. Every family dynamic is different, it just so happens that she has been born in to a family of fame and wealth. That does not make ANY of them bad people. And if you have watched the show would see that this is what Kendall wanted, not something Kris or anyone else forced her into. If you had a teenager you would know that they can form their own wishes, views and opinions. I don't feel that Kris is exploiting Kendall, these pictures are exactly what modeling is and she is not showing any more of her body than what you would see of just about any other 14 year old girl on a beach anywhere in the world!!!! I have a thirteen year old step-daughter, and I tend to be on the conservative side, she began where bikinis several years ago, and this year the bikini she has is very similar to the coverage of what Kendall is wearing! I wish I could keep her packaged in a little box and keep her little forever, but they grow up and become opioniated on their own!!!! GO Kendall rock what your momma gave ya!!!! Don't listen to these negative people, they are just jealous and I guarantee some of them don't have the creditials to make the comments they are making! Enjoy your life, live it to the fullest because it goes by way to quickly! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kardashians and Jenners!!!!

  • Cynthia Scully
    Cynthia Scully

    MUCH prettier than her 3 celebrated Kardashian sisters.

  • Sandy

    Kendall is a real cutie pie! Let the kid have some fun with this for heaven's sake, she is covered up.

  • lensman8

    I agree with you....people are Sooooooo superficial it any wonder...look at all the bullshit shows that are supposedly 'reality'...yea RIGHT!!! Reality my ass! Such narcissism these days and I'm so damn sick of it! Everybody wants to be a star, rich, famous or something 'cause their so bored with their self centered lives. Puke! ABC,CBS,NBC,MTV,ECT...all giving us a dose of ungodly egos, hatefulness, liars, lovers of self pleasure not matter what the cost....ME JEALOUS??? Hardly! Sure...wouldn't mind having a little extra cash for comfort zone or emergency but...not at the expense of my childrens morals or values!! This was a tasteful shoot so I'm not hating but, she isn't that hot and she got the job 'cause she's a "Jenner" Oh and by the the idiot that said 'in 10 or 11 yrs they'll probably wear even less.' Less than what???? Girls are walking around with bandaids on their nipples and vagina and dental floss up their asses today!!! Where does it stop?

  • Crystal Stephenson Seymour
    Crystal Stephenson Seymour

    she favors Khloe O alot she is very beautiful

  • Janeth Guerra
    Janeth Guerra

    I do have to agree the photographer didn't do a good job with the poses. She's only 14, she needs more child-like poses, its too adult. Its something that I would expect from Kim, she's 30 years old, but at 14? Kendall is such a gorgeous girl but she need to step those poses down a little.

  • Heather Glosser
    Heather Glosser

    kendall i think you are very blessed to have a wonderful huge family!! love ya keep it up your taking over kim,klohe,and kourtney!! you like them all in one the best!!!! cant wait to see who you will date!!

  • Donna Rae Heginger
    Donna Rae Heginger

    so looks like khloe in this pic way to go kid

  • sandra salas
    sandra salas

    kendal darling dont worry about all those people who like to post negative bull s--t they are just jealous because they wish that they could look like you,you are very beautiful and be proud of what god and your parents gave you......f@@k off haters

  • emma

    you look gorgus kendall

  • danielle

    you are more beautiful kloe and you

  • sjs

    I am so sick of people using the term pimp and pimping! do any of you know the real definition of the word. Kris is not forcing any of these girls to do any of the things that they are doing. They have chosen to so this line of work and she is a mother that is also their business manager. She looks out for their best interest. She might make money as well, however, she Is in the business, she knows what she is doing and who better to be their manager than their mother. No one else wold look out for them like she does. and I am confident that Bruce has input in Kendalls photos and makes sure that they are tasteful and not trashy. I think it is a good thing that these girls have ambition, are willing to work, and earn their own way in this world instead of depending on a man to do it for them. At least none of them have shown up on TEEN MOMS. and as for having a child out of wedlock, JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the photos and I think Kendall is a lovely young girl. As far as the makeup, is this the first teenage girl that you have seen in print and on TV? It is just for the photos. It's not like she walks around like that everyday.

  • sjs

    these are beautiful photos. I think her mother has been very involved in making sure that they are tasteful and not trashy. Her mother has the experience to look out for her daughters best interest. If Kendall wants to be a model, I say go for it. She sure has the looks for it. She is doing what makes HER happy. Isn't that what you are supposed to do? It's not like she has posed for playboy for goodness sakes. These photos are just the same as other any other young models posing for swimsuit adds. The only difference is that she is very beautiful for her age and she comes from a high profile family. I am sure her mother and father are intelligent enough to look out for her in all ways.

  • Ladii Le'Le
    Ladii Le'Le




  • jeenusix

    the only thing that interests us watching the show is the sisters-to-sisters relationship, not how kris and bruce raise their children. deep in your heart, soon in future u dont wnt ur daughter to shoot with playboy magazine aight? but i dint know, u Firdevs might love to encourage your daughters to do it, because to you, jerking through your daughters topless photo seems tasteful u crazy pedophile dad

  • jeenusix

    a mom.. saying all of these? pffffftttttt

  • jeenusix

    yes i pray u'll soon be a father like bruce, and all your daughters end up having sex tape like kim, and yes, a model too! cheers!

  • firdevs

    your not jealous are you? well what a shame,she will do very well for herself, looks or no looks! but im not sure if we are speaking about the same girl here as kendell jenner is gorgeous!

  • firdevs

    young girls do a very good job exploiting themselves just by going to the mall, they dont have to be sitting on the beach.

  • firdevs

    here here,i so agree..the rubbish comments are purely out of jealousy.

  • firdevs

    i really would like to see what you look like.! you wish you looked like her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f... man,there are some seriously jel people out there..!!!

  • firdevs

    come on now STOP being nasty! just because they have money it does not mean that they are rubbish people. just stop dissing! jealousy wont get you no where!lol if you dont like the celeb life, then why are you signed on to this site? it must interest you..!

  • firdevs

    the only sad thing is your bitchyness! come on now, we would all love to be in those girls shoes..! and if you watch their shows you would see what kind of a father bruce is, a wicked one!

  • firdevs

    no need to be jealous!

  • anonymous

    she doesnt look anything like she does in the tv programmes here? heavily edited, obviously! she is gorgeous but i think all of these are edited, either that or she has changed ALOT in the past few months!

  • sadaf

    Kendall!! You are so beautiful. I love your family...u have all the best features of your sisters. I really think that you resemble khloe the most, except you guys have different noses. Love you <3

  • kunle

    hello i like this pix colour

  • Laurennn

    some of you people are freaks! @jessy wtf so your saying when ur kids r 14 you wont let them wear bikinis ? LOL... & she's a model she doesn't wear make-up like this everyday of her life... hello it's a photo shoot! some of you people are freakss

  • Fatima Fabulous
    Fatima Fabulous


  • noah

    And the creepy comment award of the day goes to ... YOU!

  • sin

    The mother doesn't care how old they are as long as they can bring in the money. Kris Jenner should be arrested for prostituting her daughters.

  • sin

    Just wait until she grows into that body. Damn.

  • sin

    Another Kardashian being pimped out by their mother.

  • Kimberly O'Leary
    Kimberly O'Leary

    Kendall, Don't listen to all the negativity. Their Mad because people aren't talking about or being jealous of them. You Own Yours...Modeling takes a lot, it requires Talent, Beauty, Height, Personality, etc. you have all that so Modeling this good can't be done without you. Be Proud of your hard work, and be Proud of the Beauty that comes from within oneself, it can't be handed to you, and for sure it can't be bought.

  • ttt

    I think she looks real pretty!! To ME she looks like all her older sisters!! Especially Kim!!

  • Trish Charlton
    Trish Charlton

    I think she is too young to be looking like this.........SHE IS STILL A CHILD CHIS AND BRUCE AND YOU NEED TO TREAT HER LIKE grandchild out of wedlock is enough,,,,,,,Men will never respect her because she is not acting in accordance with God.........But this is only my opinion......but listen to this carefully,........CHRIS AND BRUCE YOU WILL SURELY REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!!!!

  • emmabug1234

    yeah she would i would love to make you scream in bed!

  • Zoran

    She looks like my girlfriend

  • chloe

    I honestly think that you are a complete sicko, this girl is 14 years old, God only knows how old you are she is still a baby stop being soooo sick you will get no were in life with that sick attitude, wow its Horrible!!.. Kendel is a gorge young girl soo lovely looking, But really too young for this sort of pics at least wait untill she is 18 or 19 then it would be somewhat ok...If that was my Daughter i would not allow it..alll for the sake of money and you have wierdos coming on jerking off at the 14 year old girls pic is Horrible really is!!!!

  • Lorin Heah
    Lorin Heah

    Gorgeous girl but not sure if you have noticed but her hand and arm that's resting on her knee (focusing on her hand) looks overly long. To the point it looks too long or she has long hands. She needs to watch that when she does photo shoots... but she looks great. Well done.

  • lalala

    wooow please get a life ! I have a fourteen year old sister who wears bikinis like every other girl her age ! Kendall is covered and looks classy, if she wants to pursuit modelling good for her ! I'm pretty sure nobody was critize you for trying to reach your dream so shut up !

  • cassie

    kendal isn't dressed to revealing at all! she's a gorgeous girl who got a modeling job for bikinis get over it guys! jheeeeez no need to critisize everyone who's better looking than you, that just proves how sad people in this world really are. And i am 14, when it's hot i sunbathe in a bikini, does that make me too revealing? i don't think so! by the time she's old enough to be revealing she'll be too busy with work to appreciate it. let her live in the moment and stop judging, not that she'll listen anyway. you haters? your comments don't stop her world revolving so you know.

  • anonymous

    sorry... your just a hater. kendal is fab so if i were you go look at someones 'fresh talent' and stop wasting your time hating on somebody you don't even know.

  • lauren

    kendal is so pretty:) i want to look like her!:o

  • lauren

    kendal is so pretty:) i want to look like her!:o

  • stephanie

    l love watch with family l am from australia my mum love your sisters

  • Kardashhh

    girlll u lk like kylie here!!!!!!!!

  • help bruce
    help bruce

    How can bruce sleep at night knowing guys across the country are jacking off to pics of his daughter. Bruce you can still save kendall and kylie don't let them become kardashian sluts. It is all up to u bruce because the other girls like it an kris wont do anything.

  • Antoinette

    She looks beautiful. I have a 7-year old and would let her do it when she gets older if she wanted. There's nothing wrong with these pictures. They are not racy in any way whatsoever. She's not showing too much of anything. She looks so much like Khloe. Good luck to you Kendall!! You look awesome!

  • Eat it HAHA
    Eat it HAHA

    Kendall Jenner isn’t a little kid any more and shes a lot like her sister. You know Khole. Ya I came up with a new name for her and its catching on. Im so proud of it. Its "Khole the Hole" Ya Kendall is becomeing just like the hole I mean khole.

  • jamie

    Great job kendall u look beautiful.shake those haters off

  • Jim

    Oh dear, I see we have an impending train wreck on our hands.

  • hsnluvr

    I can't believe Kendall's only 14 and I'm jerking off over her pictures like

  • Pashto

    It's so apparent that the fame monger mom exploits the kids' sexuality. None of them are talented and this kid looks like any other eighth grade girl with a boatload of kohl on her eyes. She would NEVER be given a contract if not for connections so they have to hype it by showing too much and causing controversy to drum up publicity for their average looking daughter. Ready the therapy couch in five years...

  • Ellen Benedicha DeMaria
    Ellen Benedicha DeMaria

    Wow, Kendall. - I've watched you grow , since the very 1st show.... and NOW look at YOU ! You've turned out to be such another beaUtiful " Kardashian sister" !!! - Keep it up, Kendall !!! If & when u have a GOD hidden talent... " Never, hide it !!! U've blossomed into a real lbeauty! ! - Elmarie21

  • Sam

    James, go sit on a pole. I'm tempted to say "I'd like to see you if you were to have any daughters and then see whether you'd let them exploit themselves like that." but from your attitude you sound like the one who would be the one taking the photos.

  • Amy

    I think all these pics are tastfull and you would see the same in Dolly mags here in Australia or seeventeen mags in the USA she is a beautiful younge girl good luck to her

  • Unthinkable

    Whoever took these photos sucked. Kendall is gorgeous and she's got huge potential, but she wasn't posed right in these shots. The best one is the one with her crouching and that's mediocre at best. Agreed! Kendall is a gorgeous girl with a great body. I'm sure she could take amazing photos but this photographer didn't do her justice.

  • Outspoken

    She looks like a Lohan.

  • Unthinkable

    This shot is gorgeous!

  • Mastermind

    She looks too......posed.

  • Unthinkable

    She's a gorgeous girl and all, but this picture really doesn't do her justice. She looks awkward. Work on your modeling skills, girl. No doubt in my mind that you can take an incredible picture but this is pretty bad.

  • james

    Sooooooooo you people saying that she is too scantily clad.... since when is it a crime for a 14-year old to wear a bikini? Have you ever been to a beach or a pool? Modeling is meant to show people clothing... this is what she's doing... it's not lingerie... it's what you wear to swim! Are we clear? Get over it.

  • james

    what's up with those toes??!?!!

  • pretty

    14? no one has such a great body at 14! she's only going to get prettier as well

  • Nicki

    Someone felt they should compare Miley and Kendall, so this is in response to that. First, Kendall is obviously, legitimately a model, second, none of the photos that I have seen are that bad. She's he'll of a lot more covered up than a lot of young girls that I have seen at the beach and even at school. I honestly don't get the big deal people make about miley, but a lot of it is that she directly works with Disney and she has a YOUNG fan base. Which Kendall doesn't, she's a MODEL, not a singer or actress on Disney.

  • Whoretrashian's suck
    Whoretrashian's suck

    Gee wiz, another whoretrashian family member slutting it up for the camera. And this one's only 14. Nice to know momma whoretrashian pimps them out early...

  • camfel

    she is really beautiful. i think that she looks a little like nina dobrev

  • mg

    the girl is 14..omgosh...she looks 20,but shes so pretty tho

  • Nameless

    Meh...if her last name wasn't Kardashian, best she would be doing is modeling for car shows and beer tents.

  • Too Bad
    Too Bad

    It is amazing to see some of these comments. More amazing is how (presumably people from the Kardashian camp) cannot take criticism. No one is "hating." People are giving appropriate comments that for her age she is dressed much too provacatively...however, I suppose from witnessing the Kardashians history they are not ashamed as coming across as such. Kendall would never in a million years score Forever 21 or Nordstrom if it were not for Kim. The reality of it? She is cute but far from model material. Her body is certainly fantastic but these days a face like that would get local print at best. Fact. At the end of the day, who cares? I would never raise my children to be proud of their sexual exploitations so if someone else wants to , go right ahead. However, if you want to be in the limelight prepare yourself for the feedback. Dakota Fanning= Classy. use her as an example of how a young lady should behave. This is sadly not shocking from a family whose greatest accomplishments are plastic surgery procedures. Gross... "Follow your heart" is right... and in so doing put some clothes on and get an education. No one in that family has offered anything of substance to the world yet. Change your path, Kendall. Money can't buy you class. Strive to be better than than page 11 of US Weekly.

  • Sorry...

    great body, not a good face. if it were not for her last name she would not book. oh well, just do not rep anything i want to buy because it would deter me from purchasing. sorry not pretty would rather see fresh talent than a famous name with mediocre looks- at best.

  • sex lover
    sex lover

    kendall you look so cute im a girl but i would love to make you scream in bed

  • jamie90

    Too young to be posing sexy. And you wonder why we have so many pedophiles in the world. Tone down the make up, put her in a floral bikini and a beach ball... thats what a teen should be wearing, not this. i love this comment! lol

  • Clarissa

    She is good looking. So hard to believe she is just underage. WOW

  • qtboriqua

    ayyyy yyiii yii--I was looking at these pictures b/c I remembered when I watch the show and saw when Kendall mentioned she wanted to model & saw her taking pix-as I was looking I saw these comments..I gotta say.... People what in the world is wrong with you? Cant you give some props?? I mean, REALLY?? Is that all you have to say?? what the hell are u guys talking about?? Its MODELING! HELLO--what world are u living in?? I mean, the girl is growing up, yeah..duh-but she's a model..and yes she's advertising for the clothes--what I dont get is why you people take this so serious?? Gawd its not like she's walking around with her crotch bared & her funbags revealed. Believe it or not, Kids do grow fast! I was young and I developed curves and my body changed fast at a young age comparison to what other girls my age developed,I sure as hell didnt look 13 when I was 13. But that wasnt any of my fault-You cant control everything.. and I think for people who want to throw in their two cents need to realize that..YOU CANT CONTROL EVERYTHING!! what gifts god gives you - just go with the flow and allow them to grow with grace. So instead of being judgemental, about what they're wearing or what they're not should just check urself--and stop being a control freak & realize that girls grow up!! Also, who are you to even question someone's parenting skills?? Obviously Kris has done a beautiful job with her daughters & her son. They're obviously successful-- Those of you that dont know what you're talking about--I suggest you look up information and open a book instead of the MEDIA MAGAZINES-Therefore, maybe, just maybe you would actually know what you're talking about instead of soundingl like a ignorant person. Being Judgemental isn't gnna get you anywhere nor is being a control freak--its only going to push your daughters further away from you.. And it has nothing to do with the media or magazines..Its called being a fashionista!! And its not a crime to enjoy fashion--She's beautiful & looks amazing--good for her! But damn dont hate on her b/c she's becoming a woman.. Everyone wants to blame something & be JUDGEMENTAL..if thats your story, then go ahead blame the media..when in general, why are u even listening to the media in the first place?? dont you know that they're all a bunch of lies?? Kendall, good luck with your modeling career, I wish you the best=you look GORGEOUS!! & I gotta say, You do resemble ur sister Klohe alot..GORGEOUS! Keep going and follow your heart. & dont listen to haters that have nothing better to do but put you down..theres always a hater when someone is doing something positive and doing good..So, what I gotta say is F*k them!! lol My bad Pardon the english..

  • qtboriqua

    Sorry I meant to say-a Mini Klohe-LOL. My bad

  • qtboriqua

    A Klohe Mini Me

  • qtboriqua

    wow! she looks like a younger version of Klohe!! Its crazy how much she looks like her big sister Klohe!!! Gorgeous!!

  • Gack

    @Jessy... don't be so close-minded. In 10/11 years, clothes may be even more revealing than what Kendall is posing in. I think that the shoot was tasteful and age-appropriate! Very wise to have the jewelry and cover-ups! Don't be so judgemental! My daughter is 12 and most children her age are oblivious to cover-ups... this shows a more fashionable side to swimwear. Age-appropriate??? Are you kidding??? What's "age-appropriate" about a 14 year-old made up to look like she's 25? Kids are growing up waaaaaaaaaay too fast these days because of this type of media. Regular 14 year-old girls don't realize that in these photo shoots it's all about lighting and make-up and creating a fantasy world, and they think that this is how they are supposed to look on a daily basis. Young teen girls need to be allowed to be kids instead of being expected to be underage sexpots.

  • Isabella

    She looks like Khloe Kardashian here and I think she's Gorgeous give the girl a break! I would love to have her advantages in life :D:D

  • Aliza

    She is beautiful!!! Watch out "kardashian sisters", the jenners are budding beauties!!!!

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus

    How long before we see her in a sex tape? I'm so tired of these "celebrities" who are famous for nothing more than filming their crotches during sex. Rich, spoiled girls acting badly should not be a recipe for success. What a massive parental failure. Chris Rock has a joke where he says the ultimate job is to keep your daughters off the stripper pole. The girls start there and get worse...

  • Ann

    Whoever took these photos sucked. Kendall is gorgeous and she's got huge potential, but she wasn't posed right in these shots. The best one is the one with her crouching and that's mediocre at best.

  • Mommy

    Shouldn't you be wearing clothes? Jesus I have two girls 3 and 4 and at fourteen they will not be wearing no skimpy ass bikini's!!!! I feel bad for Bruce Jenner, his little girls are just growing up too fast, then again they see their older sisters and think it's cool for them to do the same... This is really sad!!

  • kay

    I think she looks beautiful. Kris I hope u have a shotgun handy

  • Mom-of-4

    @Jessy... don't be so close-minded. In 10/11 years, clothes may be even more revealing than what Kendall is posing in. I think that the shoot was tasteful and age-appropriate! Very wise to have the jewelry and cover-ups! Don't be so judgemental! My daughter is 12 and most children her age are oblivious to cover-ups... this shows a more fashionable side to swimwear.

  • imho

    Not striking enough - kinda masculine looking too.

  • simplydiffer

    she looks like she is in her 20's not 14. saying that she looks great, but way too mature.

  • andrea p
    andrea p

    every 14 or 15 yr old girl wears a bikini its not bad she looks gorgeous if your looking at these pics thinking "oh its too sexy blah blah blah" then somethings wrong with you!

  • meylin

    You look awesome Kendall...Im sure ur family is very proud of u. Keep up the great work.

  • marie

    Too young to be posing sexy. And you wonder why we have so many pedophiles in the world. Tone down the make up, put her in a floral bikini and a beach ball... thats what a teen should be wearing, not this.

  • Jessy

    Shouldn't you be wearing clothes? Jesus I have two girls 3 and 4 and at fourteen they will not be wearing no skimpy ass bikini's!!!! I feel bad for Bruce Jenner, his little girls are just growing up too fast, then again they see their older sisters and think it's cool for them to do the same... This is really sad!!

  • jimmyj

    nice forehead, deeck

  • dawezl69

    bi ll shut the hell up! this young lady will have a bigger career than miley or kim without having to follow the hollywood sleaze tour. u can bank on it. good luck kendall.

  • Bill

    K, she is 14, but looks like this are not ok for Miley? Ok, is it because we expact trash from the Kadasians/Jenner's

  • kat

    she dus look like khole

  • amanda

    you are so pretty!! U look just like Khole! Good luck to you!

  • itsmebehbeh

    Who the hell.?

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    GORGEOUS!! a gazillian thumbs up.

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    omg, thats soooo true! she's pretty gorgeous.

  • irina

    aren't you supposed to be modeling the clothes, not covering them up?

  • bridge

    she looks like a younger, skinnier chloe

  • bb

    she looks hella oldd