Kendall Jenner's Fierce New Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

Look out, Kardashian ladies; your little sister is hot on your heels and ready for her turn in the spotlight!

Kim Kardashian took to her official Web site on Monday to share pics from her 15-year-old sister Kendall Jenner's new photo-shoot for designer Marc Clark's new T-shirt line. Says Kim of her aspiring-model sibling,

"I swear she just gets more stunning with each photo-shoot! You're a true pro, Kenny, and I'm so proud of you!"

Hit up the photo gallery and see if you agree with Kim's assessment. What do you think of Kendall's new modeling pics? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



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  • Abby Ann
    Abby Ann

    Farrah i agree, but she's still super pretty. Ps i love your middle name. Lmfao!!!

  • Farrah Ann Hansen
    Farrah Ann Hansen

    She's 15 and is doing sexy bikini photoshoots and this? Act your age not your sisters...

  • ashleyhm

    Likeyounger, yeah and let's just put you in prison.

  • jordan

    i love u so much! you are gorgeous

  • donzaloog

    She's so beautiful. When is the sex tape coming out? I'll be waiting.

  • tere9024

    she looks like Emma Watson...

  • Lori Juonis
    Lori Juonis

    Omg....the my swag pic is so gorgeous! You are going to have quite the career ahead of you after seeing what these pics look like Kendall. You should be so proud of yourself. : )

  • Softwear

    Oh Jesus Christ there's MORE OF THEM???

  • anon

    Slut. She's gonna have a sex tape out before she's 18. She's a f*ckin tramp. If I dressed like that when I was 14 my mom would have beat my ass. DRESS YOUR AGE WHORE gosh you're ignorant... she's in a fashion photoshoot, not just shopping at walmart. and there's nothing wrong with her clothing you jealous bitch

  • iloveshoes

    absolutely stunning

  • booger

    she's not attractive... riding off the coattails of her sisters fame, which have been riding off the dead dads fame and money that he got for getting charges off a murderer... hell was invented for the kardasian family

  • Heahter

    Look out world, Here comes Kendall Kardashian....I bet she will be on magazine covers everywhere in no time....I had to comment after first pic, now I'm gonna go look at the rest....this one pic is just awesome She is Kendall Jenner!

  • Julie

    at least her tits aren't hanging out and she isn't posing porno mouth, vacant stare style like big sis Kim. Give it time.. .

  • WTFBruh

    Eat a double cheeseburger for every meal for 2 weeks then stop. She will be totally sexy after that regimen.

  • Lauren Sawyer Aerts
    Lauren Sawyer Aerts

    She looks so cool ! *o* and older ! Damn ! =)

  • Likeyounger

    im really lucky if she have sex tape out before 18 :P

  • i-v-a-n

    mannequin =P