Kendra: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Hank! (PHOTOS)

Everyone is getting in the Valentines Day spirit, especially new mom Kendra Wilkinson! And today, the reality star wrote one of the cutest blog posts ever! She writes,

"Valentine's Day is two days away so I thought it would be fun to come up with the top 10 reasons why I love my hubby! Hank is such an amazing husband and father and I fall more and more in love with him every day. Ok that might have sounded a little cheesy but I meant it lolol."

Intrigued? Click through our gallery to see the top 10 reasons why Kendra loves Hank! Everyone together now: Awwww!



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  • Katie

    Feeling the love, just love you guys. I love that you big up your husband, that is what it’s all ab out. I truly think that you were ma de for each other. To see how you h ve transformed, is just so wo nderful. Sorry the Colts did not wi n, but just trust God in ev erything. The baby is SO, SO CU TE, and he looks so much like DA DDY . When we look at the show, we see the LOVE that you share for on e another, can’t wait for Seas on two. I pray for you guys a lot, (truthfully), that God will just bless your lives abundantly. When is little Hank getting Chri stened. I know that MumMum cann ot wait to get her hands on him. Hope you all have a Great Vale ntine together. We’ll be lookin g forward to the pictures. Ultima tely, we are not responsible for pe ople's negative thoughts, but know his, there are more people rootin g for you guys than, those that c hoose to embrace negativity. Just e positive, and embrace Hank's faith in God and everything will be ok. L ots of people will just LOVE to hav e the LOVE that is so very obviou s with you. Isn't it amazing how y u life has turned out, who would have thought that at that Scrabb le game at the mansion in 2008 t hat your life was about to change in a big way. Take Care and God B ess. LOL I totally agree with what they said above! And Kendra, you r truly blessed to b with a guy like Hank! I think I am in love with him?!? LOL... Just kidding...married to a wonderful man quite like him! : )

  • sweetest

    oh kendra dont i just love u both??? i ve ur laughter as my ringtone...luv u nd hank,and ur baby........heavenly!!!!!

  • lizziemarie123

    You are another Insperation to me, thank you for being who u are and sharing it with the world. i am so happy for you and your family. Happy Valentines Day and thank you thank you thank you again. God bless you guys. xoxo Liz

  • jerk

    hahahaa... forgot to fake bake your toes!

  • kristinapodaneva

    oh......... all that!!!! so cute

  • yeahh

    thats a cute dress Kendra !