Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Take Baby Hank to the Park (PHOTOS)

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett took advantage of Los Angeles' mild winter weather and took baby Hank for a play date in the park.

Kendra even got in on the fun by hitting the slide with little Hank and rocking back on forth on a colorful dolphin. He's getting so big! And how cute is Hank's curly mop?

Click through the gallery to see the über-adorable pics. You can also check out Kendra in her pre mom days in our celebrity yearbook!



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  • yuk

    get that stupid kid a haircut already

  • John

    I find all these photoshoots weird. I feel like you guys are stalking these celebrities. I don' teven know who these people are in this photoshoot, but I already feel bad for them. This site is seriously freaky.

  • googleberry

    aw♥♥♥ now THAT is sweet. the first time i've seen this kid smile in this whole set of pics and its cuz he's taking apicture with mommy♥♥♥for daddy♥♥♥ that's adorable. they seem to be really happy (at least in these pictures) i agree with the person above me- i hope these guys "make it" too

  • googleberry

    lol. that kid looks SOOO over it. he's totally ready for nap time

  • googleberry

    omg. SO CUTE! look at those curls!!!

  • googleberry

    god, that would be so weird to takeyour kid to the park to play and have people 15ft away from you taking pictures, just-a-snappin' away at you and your family... and you just have to stand there with your kids and try to play and act like no one is there and that nothing is going on. seriously, it is so weird.

  • googleberry

    aw, he ended up being really cute :) he was one of those funky looking little guys, you know, one of those babies that for some reasons looks like a miniature old they always end up growing into their features but i always think its funny when you see the little teenie baby boys that for some reason just have little old man faces

  • sniffles

    I love to c this family together. I really hope they make it. Lil Hank is a 'Cutie Pie"

  • Working Mom
    Working Mom

    why is she such a slob? She doesn't fix her hair and she lives in on those nasty looking sweat pants. Plus she is a horrible housekeeper. Hank Jr. looks neglected ---- look at his hair??? She needs to either get that boy's hair braided (and not by herself because by judging how she does everything half-arsed he'd have some messed up braids) or cut. Get it together Kendra. Life is too short to be LAZY. Get up and be a real woman/wife/mom. I work full-time, go to school two days a week, have THREE young children to care for, and my house is clean, my family eats healthy, nutritious meals, and I keep myself looking clean and polished. How is that I can do that (as do many of my friends and family members, co-workers, fellow-students, and acquaintences) yet she, with all the money in the world, only one child, and a stay-at-home mother can't EVEN accomplish a few of the things I've mentioned that I accomplish on a daily basis? One word --- L A Z Y!!!


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