Khloe Kardashian: Bruce Jenner Is a Stepfather Only

Khloe Kardashian: Bruce Jenner Is a Stepfather Only-photo
The Kardashians
The Kardashians
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Idle minds will chatter, and Khloe Kardashian will talk sense right back at them.  The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stalwart is speaking out against Internet speculation that her biological father is Bruce Jenner.

Khloe, her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian and brother Rob Kardashian were all born during mom Kris Jenner's marriage to esteemed Los Angeles attorney Robert Kardashian.

After Robert and Kris divorced, the super-supportive mom settled down with Olympian great Bruce Jenner and had two more daughters—Kendall and Kylie.

Comments on Khloe's personal Internet site pointed out a resemblance between Khloe and young Kendall.  The inference was that Khloe had been fathered not by Robert Kardashian, but by Bruce Jenner.

"When I was little I used to think that sometimes too!" responded Khloe. "Kim and Kourtney look more like each other than me. And Rob looks just like my dad! But we are all definitely 100% Kardashian. Sorry to burst the bubble for some of you—but I'm definitely my Daddy's girl! :)"

The anniversary of Robert Kardashian's death was this week.  What better way to honor his life than by claiming his fatherhood?



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  • Me

    Nope, she is not a kardashian ... You can she it on her baby pictures. And now two ex wifes of rober kardashian said that kris had *** with another man when Robert and Kris where married! And then came Khloe...

  • Matthew

    Khloe is clearly not Robert Kardashians daughter. It;s a tough subject, but she just isn't armenian. Im sorry but she isn't. Furthermore, Kris jenner is the kind of low life that would have a baby by another man while still married.

  • Zippie

    If you read Kris Jenner's book...she herself had a sister who was tall and blonde while she and her mother were of darker hair. Genetics...Khloe looks like the mother's side of the family. She should go back to blonde hair very natural and becoming.

  • L

    I don't claim to know who Khloe's father may be.... however I will be the first to say that you can't tell just by features. Only two children by my parents, my brother is tall, skinny, curly hair and my mothers facial features.. however I am short, chunky and my fathers facial features. It does pose an interesting theory but none of us will know without more definitive proof.

  • Jay

    It's very possible that he's the dad. Kendall looks soo much like her.

  • Eyeball

    Leave K-hole alone

  • denise

    Kris is Dutch Irish. Doesn't anyone know anything about biology? So her mkm's genes were dominant. Khloe, you know who yoh are and that's all that matters.

  • dana

    I say Kris had an affair and mr. kardashian loved her so much he wanted to be her dad and raise her as his own that in my eyes makes him her DAD but he can not be her FATHER because she is 100 % white kim kourtney and robert look like their dad and khloe is a white as can be ......... but still pretty

  • Kelle

    I love Her .... But im Sorry No way are kim and kourtney full sisters they have to have diff dad's and maybe she does not even know it herself because her real dad is a loser or something and kris didnt tell her ........maybe she knows but wont say because she wouldnt be a real kardashian and looked down on but either way i think she is a great person and so pretty

  • Mary Ellis
    Mary Ellis

    Khloe is a great woman. Do not pay any attention to all this about if you are a Kardashian. You are you look just like your sisters and brother. Somepeople have nothing better to do than to try to bring down other people. Stay strong

  • Stoopidpeepelbugme

    Some pretty unsophisticated people here. My kids are half-Native American and have the same father - one is tall and olive-skinned, with dark, dark brown hair and eyes, and one is tiny and fair-skinned, like me, with blonde hair.

  • .....

    i think she should have a dna test with bruce i dont think she has hadone yet

  • Adruiz333

    Khloe doesnt look anything like her siblings.She looks white and has anyone seen her younger pictures,She really doesnt look like them...DNA testing her mom? I would be questioning my mom!!! Come clean KRIS!!! LoL.....Khloe is beautiful tho ;)

  • Mike

    Khloe is chatting sh*t!!!! She is not the daughter of Robert Kardashian. She needds to do the DNA test because how can she llok sooooo different to all of her sibblings. Kris obviously had an affair when she was stilll with Robert.

  • dee

    khloe mentione on the episode i beleive before the wedding episode or on the wedding episode that her father passed away when she was 19 and a picture of her and her dad were shown and i beleive that it was not a picture of robert kardashian

  • dia

    i think kloe does have a different father. she is 5;9" taller than her sisters and mother and father. no armenian features like her 2 sisters and brother.

  • lala

    she is most definitely NOT the daughter of Robert. It's so stupid that she got a DNA test from her mother, thats ridiculous and laughable, she should be testing her DNA against that of her siblings, she DEFINITELY has a different father.

  • tn

    Kloe you are beautiful! I just watched your tv show. You need to stop being insecure. You sound crazy. You are the best looking girl in the family.

  • kiks

    I am a big fan of Keeping up with the Kardashian and i think Khloe is supper cool, but i really dont think that she is Robert''s daughter. Taking a close look of an episode which shows the 4 Kardashian kids sitting together; one can clearly see that Khloe is not a real kardashian...

  • TheTruth

    Khloe father is NOT attorney Robert Kardashian but clearly by a pure white man. I don't think it's Bruce Jenner though. Her natural hair color is blonde and wavy????????? she dyes it black to look more like her sisters but her jawline and height are a dead give away...... Similar to the Judds when their secret came out years later. Only the mother knows her little secret.... I am flabergasted that people can not see that she looks nothing like her sisters. She is pure white and they are NOT.

  • buzzgent

    THANK YOU!!! THis has been bugging me for so many years, and now I finally KNOW THE TRUTH!!!! THANK YOU KHLOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!1111!!11!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    The speculation drives me crazy! Clearly, Khloe and Kendall both look like their mom, Kris!