Kim Kardashian Earns Her Stripes

Kim Kardashian Earns Her Stripes-photo

Damn, she looks good in that outfit!

Reality star Kim Kardashian had the honor of being the flag girl at this past weekend's Pepsi Max Bullrun race in NYC and flaunted her hot body in a tight, figure-hugging jumpsuit.

Kim took to her blog to talk about the experience, saying "I was the flag girl for the Pepsi Max Bullrun race, which started in New York City! The best part was this amazing jumpsuit! The 1,700-mile race is from New York to Texas and 100 cars take part! Good luck, guys!!"

Check out our huge gallery of Kim looking smokin' hot waving the flag and let us know what you think in the comments!



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  • xdani20x

    So so beautiful. So what if she made a sex tape. If i was a beautiful as her i'd make a sex tape to show it off.don't begrudge her fame, jealousy is very unattractive.

  • reneelucky7

    I am not sure what she does anymore, She is a woman that is famous for no real reason. Just like Paris Hilton, she comes from a very wealthy family. The only claim to her fame is a sex tape. Stars make sex tapes to make them more famous. They pretend that it was "leak".

  • ames

    is she the sopkes person for pepsi??