Kim Kardashian Goes Unrecognizable in YRB Mag

Kim Kardashian Goes Unrecognizable in YRB Mag-photo

Um...Kim? Is that really you?

Here are some interesting pictures that Kim Kardashian just posted on her website.

She writes, "My YRB Magazine shoot just came out and I am loving the results! I love the photog, Mike Ruiz, and my stylist Darius Baptist was amazing! This shoot was done the day I left for Africa. I really love the transformation and the clothes were amazing!!! This has got to be one of the most unique shoots I've ever done! Not sure I'll ever go for a permanent short cut, but it definitely works for this shoot."

She really can pull off anything, right?

Share your thoughts on her bold new look in the comments.



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  • ridiculousmisha

    this is amazing...I would have never thought this was KIm EVER. Looks beautiful as always.

  • angrychild

    looks fugly, as usual. And why does she talk about africa like its one big country, she went to south africa, a country in africa. Doy you say I'm going to Europe, or I'm going to England? saying england is more common. I hate the way people make africa look so poor and desperate. I have been there and people drive rolls royces, yes they have poor people, but unlike us, they haven't got around to building homeless shelters. And on Tv , they always say hello america, but when I was in africa, it shows there too.