Kim Kardashian Poses for Terry Richardson

Kim Kardashian Poses for Terry Richardson-photo

Check out Kim Kardashian's new pics!

The bootylicious babe posted pictures from a photo shoot with famous photographer Terry Richardson on her blog.

The shoot went down at the Chateau Marmont in LA for the Sunday Times in London.

What do you think of Kim's wild outfits? 



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  • vXXXN

    if you hater her sooooooo much WTF are you doing here?!?!?! omg you waste of space haters!! go make your own hate kim k. webpage and drown yourselves in hater-ade!! i think she looks nice and she does have some striking looks.

  • joshua


  • getthefuckout

    Yes, because what she has done/does deserves the attention of one of the top/most famous photographers. Really, get over yourself. At best you are a pseudo porn actress that made a pretty crap sex tape.

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    She looks very nice! ( as always) but that dress makes her back area slimmer do not wear anymore Kim! LOL!

  • buzzbuddy

    Yowza! Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous.

  • Just-Saying

    Another example for over-exposure. What does she do other than showing off her ass and boobs. Does she have any talents other than changing her boyfriends and exposing her personal life to the world.

  • camdadude

    wuld h ut dat.

  • dori

    your father must be really proud right now =)