Kim Kardashian 'Quits' Twitter, Battles Bullies (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian 'Quits' Twitter, Battles Bullies (VIDEO)-photo
To raise awareness for the millions of lives lost every year to due to HIV and AIDS, celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Ryan Seacrest have been declaring themselves "Digitally Dead" and silencing themselves on sites like Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday until $1 million dollars is raised for the cause.

Kim Kardashian is lending her support to the campaign and has sent out a video of her "Last Tweet and Testament." Check out the video below:

Before excusing herself from the social media realm, Kim got serious on her official blog, cracking down on cyberbullies who were targeting fellow fans in the comments section of her site.

Kim said she "noticed that two girls were harassing and threatening other fans on my blog in the comments section:"

I have banned these girls from the site and deleted their hateful comments. I will NOT stand for any form of bullying or any hatred on my blog and anyone who threatens another fan, or thinks that it is ok to bully someone else here, will be blocked immediately.

ANYONE that leaves hateful or negative comments about my fans will be banned. My fans are supportive or me and of each other, so if you consider yourself a fan of mine and then you come here and attack other fans, I’d rather not have you as a fan.

Kim's anti-bullying stance has received with support from fans; more than 6,000 readers liked her post. Will you support Kim in her anti-bullying campaign and donate money to resurrect her from digital death? Let us know in the comments!


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  • kgofuego

    shes a f*cking slut honestly who cares. she must be getting bullied if shes got sh*t to say about it. prolly cuz every1 told her how much her song sux!!!!

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    Pakreece Kennedy

    & she called me a drunk...? after i was trying to be nice to her.

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    Pakreece Kennedy

    i got haked on bebo & she bounced me for sticking up for my self...?

  • M

    Of course!! I am one of her fans, beeing bullied!! besides we are donating money to safe lifes in Africa, not ONLY to bring Kim back. Kim knows WE LOVE HER!!!

  • Allstar

    OF COURSE I WILL! she is hot.. Just think what you want about her! She has enough people who are supporting her:D