Kim Kardashian Sizzles in Glamour (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian is kicking off her 2011 with the same mass appeal that 2010 bestowed upon her. She's showing off her curves in a whopping new spread in February's issue of Glamour Magazine.

In the cover story, Kim opens up to inteviewer Katie Couric about her insane popularity ("I get letters from little girls begging me to adopt them"), how said popularity has made it nearly impossible to date and her, um, assets ("I remember I would sit in the bath- tub, and I would put a hot washcloth on my boobs and think, Please, Lord, just please, I don’t want to grow any bigger. I would cry.").

Check out some photos from Glamour in our gallery, and see them all on! Be sure to pick up the magazine, on newsstands Jan. 11.



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  • Jitana

    Love the kk girls, please kim no more botox.. Dont like your lips in this shot... stay beautiful

  • candyguty

    louis vuitton bags for you look great!@, beauty!

  • nicolette

    Kim is an attractive young woman,but she needs to 'get over herself'. There are so many pretty young women in the U.S. who manage to develop themselves outside the'physical realm'..( i.e. Carrie Underwood who is beautiful & smart).Kim, take note......

  • shelly

    wow another JLO tired of her....

  • Jack

    Enjoy her now, fore in 10-15 years her butt will be hitting the back of her calfs.

  • karla mae ramos
    karla mae ramos

    ur so pretty!!!

  • karla mae ramos
    karla mae ramos

    kim always look gorgeous as always!!!i hope ur happy w/ or w/out boyfriend!!!i realy realy like you even im a girl!!!!coz ur so amazing!!hope 2 see you as soon as posible!!!lol love you kim love karla mae ramos from philippines