Kristen Stewart Bares It All

Kristen Stewart Bares It All-photo

Whoopsies, is that Kristen Stewart's thong?! 

Some die-hard Twilight fans have uncovered a slight mistake in the New Moon trailer. Or is it? Who knows!

Towards the end of the New Moon trailer, which debuted at the MTV Movie Awards, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) runs towards Bella to save her from the vicious fangs of Laurent (Edi Cathegi). 

At around 1:33, a flash of pink thong appears as Jacob transforms into a wolf. 

Ha! We wonder what Rob Pattinson thought about that one?



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  • GogAtmome

    Si, probabilmente lo e

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  • thornegodi

    found link range revolution

  • Zac

    kristen stewart rules..:)

  • kksann

    i totally agree it is just underwear and she is a girl/ she is allowed wear a thng if she wants to!!

  • danniiannecullen

    oh and to show it wasnt the fight wtih laurent with laurent gray sweater with jake brown sweater.

  • danniiannecullen

    that wasnt kristen that was her stunt double and it wasnt the fight with laurent it was the fight with paul taylor said that those are just parts os the movie remeber that the fight with laurent is the whole pack not just jacob!

  • kysha03

    Duh!..its only a underwear..whats with that?

  • vinaelomina

    OMFG! Go Kristen!

  • violetshock

    its just underwear! i don't know why it has to make headlines well she is just throwing herself on the ground. don't know why they need a stunt double for that.

  • jennyjazz

    The picture looks doctored. You can see where the back of her jeans just cut off mid hip and curve straight down to show the thong!

  • noah

    Haha, look at her Whale Tail!

  • argetpixie

    stunt double... she wasn't actually throwing herself to the floor, Access Hollywood. but if it was her i don't see why her underwear must made head lines.

  • dorota klaudia
    dorota klaudia

    that's funny :) I can't see any problem with Kristen's panties :)

  • Chgo fan
    Chgo fan

    Thats her stunt double . They mentioned that in Access Hollywood (not the thong) but When Jacob was running it was Kristen's double running back check AccessHollywood in the internet

  • Claire

    I bet rob loved that :) Gotta say thats pretty hot..lmao Shes so badass.

  • Holden

    Oh yes, the terror of underwear! How can we go on living after this scandal... Come on, get a life, please. There's been more revealing stuff on Sesame Street.

  • Jimstersz

    Whoa. . . GO Kristen !! (hehe]