Kristen Stewart: I Love My...Messy Hair!

Kristen Stewart: I Love My...Messy Hair!-photo

Whether she's on the red carpet or grocery shopping, Twilight star Kristen Stewart keeps her hairstyle as consistent as possible. Consistently unkempt, that is.

Like her co-star Robert Pattinson, who she claims is a pretty damn good kisser, K-Stew (as all the cool kids are calling her) can't be bothered to put a lot of thought into her hairdo. Her long, brown locks are often all over the place, giving off that "just rolled out of bed and I don't care what you think of me" look.

Check out our gallery of Kristen Stewart photos to see the 18-year-old actress looking wonderfully messy on and off the red carpet.

Do you wish she'd clean up a little, or are you digging her disheveled 'do? Don't hesitate to take our poll!



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  • kristinak

    her hair is soo hot!!! but i love robert

  • kristinak

    her hair is sooo cute but shes just copying roberts messy hair but still its cute

  • liviloo15

    SHE IS SUCH L-E-S-B-I-A-N-. NO SHES NOT. She actually has a bf. And just because she wears her hair messy, or she acts like a tomboy - it does NOT mean shes a lesbian. And if she is, thats cool too.

  • liviloo15

    i love kristen stewart and i love her messy look. and shes beautiful!

  • gabbarocks

    i love her messy hair too hahha

  • twilightaddict11

    Everyone needs to shut up about her!! Don't be mad because she's awesome and you're not!! I wish i could get my hair to do that. I try all the time, but it doesn't work out lol. So Kristen if you read this (which I'm sure you won't, you'll probably be to busy lol) please tell us how you do your hair!!

  • neenee

    i bet that costs alot to get your hair like that in Hollywood, lol i like it on her, but my hair does taht natrually! its a mop lol

  • Jinjin

    I Like it! I guess Robert and Kristen are suppose to be together :)smiles

  • ambyy

    Her Hair is fine, Stop Hating!!!

  • Dorothy

    i love her messy hair and robert's too. it shows how much they don't care about what people think about their looks. i love how they can pull it off and still look good & natural.

  • superfan

    she is so pretty! i would kill to have her hair.

  • Nina

    It doesno`t matter for realy talant actress...

  • cc

    Looks like a stringy, dirty mess. Gross.

  • Coii--KStew Army!!
    Coii--KStew Army!!

    Kris rockz!!! she has so much style!! she's so genuine!! i luv her messy hair too! LOLz!! that hairdo is sooo hot!! she's so natural!! she doesn't care how it looks but it always looks awesome!! people.. that's called NATURAL BEAUTY!!! and for those idiots!! she obviously wash her hair!!! and it doesn't smells bad!! if you could meet her some day you'd realize that she's the most clean girls of all!! she's only rebel! (what is cool lol!) that doesn't means that she doesn't have hygiene! KSTEW YOU'RE SUPER PRETTY AND TALENTED!! =] KSTEW ARMY!

  • urstupid

    so rob is gay and kristen is a lesbian now? they sure seem awfully attracted to each other for homosexual people. you people are stupid...they are so into each other. ridiculous that some are still denying this. it's so obvious.

  • missyninz

    NATURAL is always beautiful.. she's not lesbian.. she's no HOBO..and stop mocking jesus. LOL

  • Dany

    that's a cool hair !!!! Ilove her.

  • comesinpeaces

    I like her hair.. I wish I had it... i think people think that she don't wash her hair but maybe it just so happens that it looks like it wasn't.

  • FREJAMacarons


  • toolzombie

    The funny thing is, she probably does pay a stylist a ridiculous amount of money to make her hair look like that. I dig the messy look, but it gets old. It's not like it's she trademarked, or its anything new. How rebellious...wearing ratty hair like Jesus did way back when. Except he's a famous zombie and she's a...I'm not sure what she's famous for. I digress.

  • Titanik

    I love her messy hair too.Cuz I always mess my hair just like her,I love that.It made me more....humh just like landed of from universe lolz

  • ml

    she's so freaking hot! all that sexy bed hair and sultry eyes...gah! when the h is rob patttinson finally gonna start hitting that. d*mn girl.

  • aarantxa

    i love her hair i wish i had her hair

  • MON


  • grace

    i love her laid back look... i just wish her hair looked a bit more clean. btw, has anyone checked yet? They are giving away two tickets to attend a celebrity party for their site launch!! Anybody know more about it?

  • momo

    she is just trying to copy edward's style, so they can both be hobo's (and no, not boho, HOBO), and live in cardboard boxes, and go around asking people for 20 cents.

  • anonyfreak

    i love my ... messy hair?? More like i love my...ratty locks. Ew i wouldn't want to touch that oily wig. And imagine what it smells like, disgusting unkempt weave would smell like a dirty belly button.

  • cg

    I love her messy hair!!!!!!!! she is beautiful