L. C. and Audrina: Girls Gone Wild

After it was rumored that Audrina Patridge had recently come home to a note on her door presumably left by former BFF Lauren Conrad, asking her to vacate the premises, now TMZ says the girls engaged in real-life reality showdown.

Allegedly, L. C. returned home last week to find her ostracized roommate engaged in a photo shoot with a weekly magazine in their backyard. Only problem was that the spot was double-booked, as Conrad had already promised an exclusive of pictures of the backyard to another magazine.

Patridge had reportedly already checked in with Conrad's rep before making the deal, though that didn't seem to quell Lauren's tide, and she brought the shouts, the stamps and the cold-ass stares. Bet Lauren "Lo" Bosworth would have killed to be a part of this—or wait a minute, she does her handiwork the passive-aggressive way.

The spy on the scene, stating the obvious, called the situation "uncomfortable." Audrina wrapped the shoot as expediently as possible ... and most likely put the money toward some cardboard boxes and packing tape.



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  • lisatee

    the article is hilarious, of course. but i hate to admit that lauren's hair and make-up actually look kind of awesome here. it doesn't hurt that audrina is dressed like slutty army barbie...

  • cameronkitty

    lauren's such a little beyotch- she loses all her friends for the most BS reasons ever and always has to be center of attention. and whats up with her being bff now with spencer's sister?? she always talks about loyalty, so wtf?

  • moonshine

    girls gone wild isn't quite the right description of them... that brings to mind two monkeys rolling on the ground on top of each other.

  • mraniston

    Lauren looks good in yellow. Audrina needs to figure out her face

  • drama4mama

    re-enactment is the perfect word to describe the hills.

  • missamericandream

    too bad the cameras werent there - - well im sure they will be on the re-enactment!

  • notobsessed


  • gossipguy

    HAH that's so something that would happen on The Hills