Lady GaGa Forgot to Wear Pants...Again

Lady GaGa Forgot to Wear Pants...Again-photo

Squeaky clean Idol munchkin David Archuleta knows all about Lady GaGa's naughty penchant for ditching her pants. And now so does all of London!

New York City-based diva Lady GaGa (real name: Joanne Stefani Germanotta), 22, found herself having a #1 hit on both sides of the Atlantic last week.

On Sunday, she jetted off to the UK to keep the momentum going.

Apparently her agenda for conquering Old Blighty includes stalking around the streets while flashing her well-tanned thighs—and of course, like any '80s-loving starlet, wearing her sunglasses at night.

Sunglasses without the sun is something anyone with a little rocker attitude can carry off.  But being half naked in London in January?  Very few image-victims have what it takes to brave that kind of cold for the sake of a fashion statement.

Lady should preserve her strength.  She's got two continents to concentrate on. On the brand-new stateside Billboard charts published Thursday, her single "Just Dance" is atop the Hot 100 Singles tally for a second week in a row.

As well, her LP The Fame has flown up the Top 200 Albums chart to a new high of #14.

Best save some of that temperature-defying leather for the States, too, GaGa!



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  • Sean

    Please get her out of our sight, I hate vulgarity!

  • joel

    ellas es muy bonita y es su propio estilo Muy Bn Echale ganas Lady gaga

  • dale surtees
    dale surtees

    lady gaga did not forget 2 put her pants on she new esactly what she would were just like every day she looks fab its nt as if she dose it to hide behind something she flashes the flesh because she can and if u had a body like that u would she is the biggest thing that has happend 2 pop music and fashion for god no's how long madonna has had her day and now pop culture has been taken over by gaga u cant walk down the street without seeing somethin in pappers magazines or hearing someone sing one of her amazing tunes so when u have a name or a life style or even the talent that gaga has then critasize untill then sweetie keep your trap shut and those sunglasses are vintage vacace they were a gift of a fan i think peace monsters

  • Kane

    Lady Gaga rules!!!

  • aly

    wut kind of sunglasses are those i love them. if anybody knows email me at thnx!

  • copycaterbutt

    I have feelings and i want to say something I hate jeans. and i. I don't have a big dream of becoming a um. Rockstar or popstar I i just love rock

  • wowguide

    wow lady gaga sexy

  • Linyx

    wanna f*cked her

  • chuck norris
    chuck norris

    she hot

  • bb

    LEAVE HER ALONE! she is a great singer and she is reallly cool. she has great style and she probably didnt "forget". settle downn.!

  • hj

    oh just leace her alone seriously shes cool and can sing and if she likes what she wears then soo be it.

  • mitzame

    at least she didn't forgot her sunglasses ...