Lady Gaga Sues Blow-Up Doll Company

Lady Gaga Sues Blow-Up Doll Company-photo

Queen of the internet Lady Gaga has reportedly taken legal action against a company that makes a blow-up doll in her image.

MTV News reports that the "Telephone" singer is suing Pipedream Products for copyright infringement over their "Lady Gag Gag Love Doll," which is sold in a box that proclaims she "loves it when you poke-her face."

Pipedream has reportedly withdrawn the product after Lady Gaga's legal action, but the company still manufactures various blow-up dolls based on famous female celebrities, including Britney Spears and Beyonce, as part of its "Super Star Series."

What do you think of Lady Gaga's sex doll legal drama? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • Sarah

    Wow im glad she did sue....thats just WRONG! people are totally disrespecting her, and her image!! she is far from a ho!!

  • gagafan

    I heard that Lady GaGa only drinks her wine out of VIN POLI bottles and glasses..WOW! Must be nice!! Wish I could get one.

  • Biff

    I always though she was trying to make herself up to look like a blow-up doll. She is about as appealing as the average blo-up doll anyway.

  • sydsouth

    * How disrespectful of them! If not sue them than, ask for a cut of the MONEY! duhh, i'm sure some pathetic, perv teenage boy or fat middle aged man will surely buy one!!* =} lolz sue them.

  • psychokittyd

    that is just too hilarious..... a real 'poker face'. LMAO!!! id like to c it.

  • OSusannah

    Lady Gaga blow up doll.....for when when your generic blow up doll just isn't homely enough.....

  • Michelle

    I'd sue, too. What I don't understand is why all of them don't sue.