Lady Gaga's 2010 VMA Fashions: Which Was Your Favorite? (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga gave the VMAs a mini fashion show with her trio of amazingly wild outfits on Sunday night.

The "Bad Romance" chanteuse is as well known for her outrageous fashions as she is for her award-winning music. Which of Lady Gaga's outfits did you like the best: her Renaissance-esque red carpet dress, the prickly black leather number, or her hilarious meat frock?

Check out more photos of Lady Gaga's fashion from the 2010 VMAs and play fashion critic in the comments below. Check out all of our VMA coverage at Celebuzz's 2010 VMA page.



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  • doris

    what a pig.

  • katie

    i really like the meat dress somehow..

  • Tasha

    Jesus! its just meat if it wernt on her dress it wud be on our plates not like she's wearing fur!

  • Joel Chepkech
    Joel Chepkech

    This is so absurd

  • msbirdy

    Ok now WHAT IS WRONG WITH GAGA ? she must be gaga for these ugly dresses and things she wears. This dress is ugly . The clothes shes wears are not clothes they are things .She does look like a monster sometimes.I like her but who is her wardrobe stylist because THEY NEED TO GET SLAPPED WITH SOME FASHION SENSE.LADY GAGA JUST A FEW WORDS FROM A FAN ITS OK YOU CAN BE NORMAL,YOU DONT HAVE TO BE SO EXTREME.You can still stand out without the outrageous outfits...

  • lo.

    PETA will hunt her forever omg SO TRUE.

  • sydsouth

    * CHER out did her without even trying!! Go CHER!! * woo, i'm 18 and respect my elders. I hope I look like Cher when in >>>>>>>>> 62, by the fukn way!!* =D

  • Me

    if you cant walk in it, DONT WEAR IT!

  • vpopadiuc87

    stupid ! why does she try so hard to look stupid

  • jezzebelle

    WTF? She looks like a piece of meat- haha- I just don't get it- maybe that's why she's so famous. . . because noone else does this crap--& does such ridiculous things,! wow!

  • honeyJ

    this woman or whatever it is is just plain disgusting and weird, she looks like she worships the devil. That "dress" is a bit to over the top what is she trying to prove that shes crazy? we already know that gaga so stop, I have my 7 year old cousin asking me why is she wearing meat all over, is that normal?. Ofcourse not, cant belive MTV would even let her sit in the audience like that smh, the things they do for ratings...

  • d


  • alex

    it's not real just looks real. an expert on tv said it was not real so we don't have to be all upset and disgusted....

  • lagygagafan

    we can grill her and that would be delicious ! lol

  • maiara

    PETA will hunt her forever

  • Tehila

    [quote=dont do it]dont you just want to eat her all up?? :D Not So Much. Than You.

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  • dont do it
    dont do it

    dont you just want to eat her all up?? :D


    WHY????? I just want to know WHY?

  • bridge

    i actually liked this dress

  • Tanya

    I saw this outfit when i was eating the luch. OMG!!!!!!!!!

  • Candy