Lauren Conrad: I Love My...Tiny Braids

Lauren Conrad: I Love My...Tiny Braids-photo

Lauren Conrad's long, blonde extensions have been adorned in tiny braids all summer. 

Just when you thought the young Hollywood starlet couldn't get any more boring classic in her bid for an individual style, she makes the switch from the cutesy headband to the All-American braid! 

Come on, Lauren, you need to step up your game if you want to make an individual impression in the tough world of Hollywood. 

To your credit, at least Chace Crawford has a thing for your lackluster look—that is, if he's not going the other route

Take a look at Lauren rockin' some braids and sound off below if you're digging her so-called signature 'do!



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  • Maria

    I think it's soo cute and simple LOVE ITT :]

  • buzzbuddy

    She looks great !

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Lookin' good, LC! You truly are the savior of the planet.