Lauren Conrad May Be Over 'The Hills'

Lauren Conrad May Be Over 'The Hills'-photo

Fans of art and culture will have a new loss to mourn; fancy-wheeled Lauren Conrad is talking about leaving The Hills.

"It's coming to a point where I'm ready to kind of walk away," the gifted master of the quill tells OK! Magazine.

But, Lauren, take into consideration how your dating prospects will diminish if you're not on the boob tube in constant MTV marathons!

"It's more difficult when not only everyone knows about your problems, but they make them worse because things escalate and things get twisted," Conrad laments. "It's hard to have an actual friendship be torn apart in the media."

Well, sounds like The Hills are going to be alive with the sounds of crying viewers.

At least there's other equally high-brow entertainment on the horizon.



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  • precious

    kendy babe u are smoking hot,i love ur shows n wld lik 2 me u.

  • Sara

    You look so pretty and your hair..... Can't wake for kendra to come back on

  • Lucas

    Kendra! You look georgeus greetings from Chile!

  • Jeanette

    You look so so awsome in that dress!!! I am a huge fan, I have been since episode 1 of the girls next door!! I even have your bobble head too!! I can't wait to watch your show this season, iam so freakin excited!!!

  • Ericka

    Love this!!! U look so cute in that Stop Staring! Romper!!!! I love their clothes!! Good choice for a summer night!

  • Chandra

    You look awesome. Rep for the mamas. I am so excited to see your show is back. Congrats.

  • Chan

    Super hot, no matter what you wear!!!!

  • adam

    OMG Kendra that outfit looks amazing on u, u r soooo stunning an sexy babe lookin HOT HOT HOT!!

  • Ebony graham
    Ebony graham

    I swear that is the hottest fit ive seen all summer u rock out

  • Elrcy

    I lyk...very Cute Kendra

  • Kim

    You are gorgeous regardless of what you wear, but I LOVE how you dressed up this romper! Beautiful!

  • TracyN

    Luv it! U look fabulous representing for the short girls! Wish I could afford the outfit lol

  • sandra

    Hot mamma!!! Love it....It's. Totally you....and love love love the shoes!!!

  • Cara

    You look hot Kendra! Love it!

  • Mary McK
    Mary McK

    Beautiful and sexy as always......classy sexy is always best! You RocK Itt EverYtIme! :-)

  • angie wiedebusch
    angie wiedebusch

    You look amazing, love the romper!!!! Peace and love girl! Xoxoxoxo

  • pearl

    Girl u lookssmokinglyhhot.Love from Nigeria west africa

  • Jessica

    Its so cute! I love it. I can't wait for ur show to come on. Its crazy cause ever since I have seen u on the girls next door sitcom I have felt a strong connection with u. Crazy cause u have no idea who I am, but we r alike in our personalities. We even have some-what of the same laugh. It cracks my boyfriend up! Just wanted u to know. Have a great day Kendra!

  • Emiee

    Love it! :)

  • d

    Kendra, you look awesome!

  • hayli schultz
    hayli schultz

    Omg yes! I wear rompers all the time! They're so cute and comfortable. Looking great, as usual.

  • Jg

    I love ur hair!!!!!

  • sexyjoy386

    Awwww thats so sad it sucks that things happen like that

  • Bill

    LC is is soooo cute.