Lea Michele: I'm 'A Voice' For Big Noses

Lea Michele: I'm 'A Voice' For Big Noses-photo

Lea Michele doesn't need to by "Hollywood perfect" to become a success and that's why the Glee starlet has some harsh words for those who criticized her looks when she was growing up.

"I’m proud to be on a positive show and to be a voice for girls and say, ‘You don’t need to look like everybody else," Lea tells GQ, "Love who you are."

As for those people in Lea's past who told her to get a nose job? "F*** those people," Lea tells the magazine. Check out Lea showing GQ that big-nosed girls can be sexy in her steamy photo shoot for the magazine.

This isn't the first time that Lea has opened up about her nose. The star of Fox's hit show told Women's Health that she was glad that she didn't get a nose job when she was in high school.

"I love myself, the way I look, my body, but sometimes I can't help but feel insecure here," Lea told the magazine back in May, "It plays with your head."

Now it seems Lea has gone from proud to prouder of her refreshingly un-Hollywood nose.

Do you think Lea makes a good role model for girls? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Person

    Yeah, she is so proud of her body she had to lose 20 lbs even though she was already gorgeous.

  • guest

    Great role model she is proud of her body and isn't all hung up about showing it off. Go for it, plus she has the talent to back up her drive.

  • tim

    Yes I do think she is a good role model. Do I agree with all her choices no, but she is driven and she is like Take me or leave me.