Lea Michele Sorry For Hailee Steinfeld Snub

Lea Michele Sorry For Hailee Steinfeld Snub-photo
There's been much ado about Lea Michele's snub of Hailee Steinfeld during the newcomer's True Grit audition on the Paramount lot. Lea wants the world to know - she didn't mean to give little Hailee the cold shoulder - honest!

Lea issued her mea culpa to Gossip Cop, saying she didn't consciously reject Hailee's plea for an autograph, but was pulled away by a production assistant against her will:

I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible. The ‘Glee’ schedule is so jam-packed that the PA probably pulled me so that I wouldn’t be late to set. I never meant to hurt her feelings.  She’s an extraordinary talent and I look forward to meeting her one day.”
If we may speculate, it would be a safe bet to assume Hailee will forgive Lea, considering she told J-14 she still watches Glee and loves Lea's big voice.

Do you forgive Lea? Sound off in the comments.



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  • kay

    law-ay law-ay pay!!

  • kay

    i think she did that to get some attention from the public.. she's always doing that thing, always..!

  • Doo Wop
    Doo Wop

    I love Glee, but from everything I hear, Lea Michelle is one stuck up beeotch. still, I'd do her.

  • James

    First Lea Michele is 24 and had been acting on Broadway for years. So she has paid her dues. Get your facts straight. Second, no matter how long you have been acting or any other business, rudeness is never acceptable. If this had only happened once you could chock it up to a bad or busy day. But it appears to be an ingrained attitude. Too bad for Ms. Michele. Being gracious and grateful for your fans — who keep you employed — never go out of style. Ms. Michele what are you more interested in being a great star or a great human being?

  • Kelly

    I think that this incident has been so, so overcooked in every single aspect of the matter. So the young actress walks by Lea. Lea doesn't acknowledge her--giving Lea the benefit of the doubt, I'd say either a) she didn't notice her/hear her or b) she was super busy and had to be somewhere (probably both!). Then, it gets in the news that Lea is a "bitch" and a "diva" for this? Look, Lea MIchele gets more bad press for being a "diva" than anyone else in Hollywood right now, and every single claim I've read about features news such as "refused to acknowledge people" etc. etc. at awards shows and whatnot. Frankly, I think it's ridiculous and this incident was just the last straw.

  • roffle waffle
    roffle waffle

    Just like you Joan, you contribute nothing to society! You won't be someone that anyone remembers. At least I can listen to her sing, what the hell do you do? You can listen to Joan make comments, and get stirred up enough to post a response of your own! Which is a valuable contribution to society on the internets™.

  • jeffrey

    Anyone who's ever worked on a film or television set knows that there is not a PA in the world who can pull a "star" away from anything against his or her will. I've worked on films sets for over 25 years, and waited for cast members to finish phone calls, talk with friends/family/guests, order stuff on line, have a smoke -- you name it. Only a low-life would blame some hapless PA.

  • NotALea_MicheleFan

    I am so tired of Lea Michele. I think she needs to get over herself. I am not sure how talented she is but she is like 15. Pay some dues before you start snubbing people. She is constantly snubbing people. Get it together. People who are way more talented & famous are 50x more gracious than she is. This is ridiculous. The chic is ugly on top of that. I will never watch Glee. Lea sucks!!!